Similar Design Strategies Applied

This year the Royal British Mint issued a £2 commemorative coin to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. The design takes the approach of creating a profile of the author constructed from the titles of some of his works. The designer of the coin Matthew Dent included the titles in different fonts and sizes to create a visual image that resembles a profile of the famous … [Read More...]

Q&A on Perth Mint Exclusive Products

Included in the Perth Mint's May 2012 products releases were two coins that will be distributed exclusively within USA and Canada by certain dealers. These are the 2012 High Relief Silver Kookaburra to be distributed by Paradise Mint and the 5 oz. 2012 Proof Silver Koala to be distributed by the New York Mint. Because of the wording on the product pages and the fact that US based customers were … [Read More...]

New Releases from the Perth Mint May 2012

The Perth Mint has many new products which will go on sale today. For collectors in the United States the products should start to appear within the new releases section starting April 30, 2012 at 12:01 PM ET. Perth Mint product page For the first time, the Perth Mint will offer a high relief proof version of the Silver Kookaburra. The Perth Mint's high relief coins are struck on thicker … [Read More...]

Changes Coming for Royal Mint Bullion Coins

In a blog post from the Royal British Mint, some broader plans and specific changes for their Gold Britannia and Silver Britannia bullion coins are discussed. Specific changes include altering the specifications of the coins. The gold coins will be changed from the current composition of 22 karat gold (91.67%) to 99.99% purity. The silver coins will be changed from the "Britannia silver" … [Read More...]

Next $20 for $20 Coin: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The Royal Canadian Mint has revealed the next coin in their popular "Exchange $20 for $20" coin program. The design celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The double headed coin features a portrait of The Queen as she is today and as she first appeared on Canadian coinage in 1953. The obverse design is by Mary Gillick and the reverse is by Laurie McGaw. The coins have a … [Read More...]

Mexican Silver Libertad Bullion and Proof Coins

Of all the world bullion coins, arguably the most beautiful is the Mexican Libertad.  Minted since 1982, in the oldest mint in North America, the Casa de Moneda de Mexico (literally the House of Mexican Money, founded in 1535 by the Spanish as a way of minting coins with the gold plundered in conquest) the .999 silver bullion coins first featured  a winged Victory of Mexican Independence on one … [Read More...]

Arrival: The Queen’s Portrait Ultra High Relief Silver Proof

I wanted to share some pictures and impressions of a recent arrival: The Queen's Portrait Ultra High Relief Silver Proof Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin features a new profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and is issued to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. Both gold and silver proof versions are available with mintages limited to 500 and 7,500, respectively. I ordered the coin … [Read More...]

Austrian Philharmonic Silver Bullion Coins

The Silver Philharmonic bullion coins have been issued by the Austrian Mint since 2008. The introduction of the series followed the success of the Gold Philharmonic, which had been issued since 1989. The obverse design for the coins features the Great Pipe Organ found in Vienna's Golden Hall with the inscriptions "Republik Osterreich", "1 Unze Feinsilber" (1 ounce pure silver), the date, … [Read More...]

Next Generation for the Canadian Loonie and Toonie

On April 10, 2012, the Royal Canadian Mint announced that they began circulation of their next generation of one-dollar “Common Loon” and two-dollar “Polar Bear” coins, minted at their facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The coins replaced their paper counterparts in 1987 and 1996, respectively, and come on the heels of the announcement that the Canadian government will end production of the … [Read More...]

More New Releases from the Royal Canadian Mint

This post will continue coverage of the new releases from the Royal Canadian Mint. The previous post covered the 2012 Maple Leaf Forever Coins in gold, platinum, and silver. The War of 1812 $10 Gold Coin contains one-quarter ounce of .9999 fine gold and is limited to 2,000 coins worldwide. This release joins a silver dollar issued earlier this year to mark the bicentennial of the War of … [Read More...]