Some Numbers on the Canada 1912-1914 Gold Coins

Last week, the Royal Canadian Mint made the exciting announcement that they would offer for sale to the public a collection of Canada's first gold coins, consisting of $5 and $10 gold coins from 1912 to 1914. Already, more than half of the available product options are listed as "sold out" on the RCM's website. I wanted to take another post summarize some of the current data on the Canadian … [Read More...]

Royal Canadian Mint Offers 1912-1914 Gold Coins

Today, the Royal Canadian Mint announced that they are offering for sale to the public a collection of Canada's first gold coins, which were produced from 1912 to 1914. The $5 and $10 gold coins in the collection have been stored at the Bank of Canada for more than 75 years. The highest quality examples of the coins will be offered for sale to convert the proceeds into quality fixed-income … [Read More...]

Perth Mint Mintage Policy, Lunar Series II 2 oz. Silver Proof Coin Availability

Within my last post on Perth Mint products, I had mentioned that the Perth Mint was working on the publication of a new mintage policy. The new policy has since been announced on their blog and published on their website. Under the new policy, each coin will have a maximum mintage clearly stated upfront, which will reflect the total number of pieces that may be struck for release. The Perth … [Read More...]

2011 Toronto City Map 2 oz. Silver $25 Coin

The 2011 Toronto City Map $25 Silver Coin was an intriguing issue from the Royal Canadian Mint. The coin was their first 2 oz. 99.99% silver coin, was created using advanced laser technology, and was not actually produced in Canada. Toronto is Canada's largest city with a population of more than 2 million people. It ranks as the fifth most populous city and seventh largest urban region in North … [Read More...]

Royal Australian Mint 2013 Mining 20c and $1 Coins

The Royal Australian Mint has recently unveiled the 2013 Mining Proof Year Set and 2013 Mining Uncirculated Year Set. These products celebrate the history of Australian mining on 20 Cent and 1 Dollar Coins. The RAM has released annual sets to represent various industries within Australia. In 2011, the theme was the Wool industry, followed by the Wheat industry in 2012. When gold was … [Read More...]

Austrian Mint 2013 Coin Program

The Austrian Mint has announced their 2013 Coin Program. This post will briefly explore the collector coin releases within both continuing and brand new series. To start the program, a 5 Euro New Year's Coin will be issued on December 12, 2012 celebrating the Viennese Waltz. An uncirculated version struck in copper will have a mintage of 300,000 pieces and will be available at banks. A special … [Read More...]

RCM to Add Laser Etching to Gold Maple Leaf Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint announced that starting in 2013, their flagship one-ounce Gold Maple Leaf bullion coin will include a micro-engraved security feature, following their other uses of recent advances in laser technology on their circulating $1 and $2 coins. The new coins will be shipped throughout the Mint’s network of official bullion distributors in early November 2012 and will soon … [Read More...]

2012 Kookaburra & Kangaroo 1 oz. Silver Colored Coins

The Perth Mint recently began accepting website orders for two coin show specials issued for the Beijing International Coin Exposition. The 1 oz. silver coins feature colored depictions of the Australian Kookaburra and Kangaroo. Each coin features a colored depiction of the iconic Australian animals on the reverse with the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. The … [Read More...]

New Releases from the Royal Canadian Mint – November 2012

Today, the Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders for three new coins as well as a new subscription series. Two silver coins feature the beaver, one platinum coin features the bald eagle, and the subscription series celebrates Canada's national identity. The beaver became an official symbol of Canada in 1975 and is one of the country's two national animals. A beaver appeared on … [Read More...]

Latvia 2012 “Folk Girl” 5 Lats Silver Coin Released

On November 1, 2012, the Bank of Latvia issued a new 5-Lats silver collector coin to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the central bank and the national currency unit. This also represented the 90th collector coin minted during the years of Latvia's renewed independence. The design for the collector coin is from the original 5-lats silver coin issued in 1929. The design was created by graphic … [Read More...]