Arrival: Latvia Foreign Rulers 1 Lats Silver Coin

The Latvian Times and Values coin program tells the story of Latvia in the European and global context. The program is grouped into four different series: Roots, Time, People, and State. The fourth series State tells the story of Latvia rising from obscurity, suffering through a dark era, and re-emerging once again free. Pictured above is the Foreign Rulers coin, which represents the dark … [Read More...]

New Releases from the Perth Mint June 2012

Several new products recently went on sale at the Perth Mint. These can all be found as the most recent entries within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint's website. The 2012 Discover Australia Platinum Coins have been released. These join the gold and silver coins previously released for the program. Five separate designs are issued featuring the Kookaburra, Whale Shark, Red … [Read More...]

Taking the Silver Kilo Plunge

With the recent decline in the price of silver, some silver bullion coins have become more affordable. Whether or not current levels will prove to be the new lower threshold for prices remains to be seen, however I did use the occasion to purchase my first one kilo silver coin. The kilo coin is pictured below next to a one-half ounce silver coin. A few months ago, I had taken a look at the … [Read More...]

Diamond Jubilee Kilo Gold and Silver Coins

Kilo-sized gold and silver coins to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II were recently released by the Royal British Mint and the Perth Mint. This adds to a large and growing number of coins issued to mark 60 years of reign. The .999 fine gold and .999 fine silver kilo coins issued by the Royal British Mint are struck to proof quality. The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II … [Read More...]

2012 Discover Australia Coins

The Discover Australia coin program from the Perth Mint has featured some of the unique animals and rich landscapes of Australia depicted on gold, silver, and platinum coins. From 2009 to 2011, the program featured fifteen different animals within the three year "The Dreaming" series. For 2012, a one year series will feature five different animals on coins with reduced mintage levels. The five … [Read More...]

Some Interesting New World Coin Releases

Some readers may know that my other site provides coverage of many new world releases within the world coins section. While I try not to be too redundant with coverage on this site, there are some interesting recent releases that I would like to highlight here as well. The Italian State Mint has recently released a 10 Euro Silver Coin which pays tribute to Michelangelo. This … [Read More...]

New Releases from the Royal Canadian Mint – May 2012

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting pre-orders for another batch of new product releases. At this time, the products can only be pre-ordered by Masters Club members, with shipping to begin on May 28, 2012. A number of high precious metals content coins with extremely low mintages are included, along with the final release of the silver and niobium Algonquin Full Moons series. A … [Read More...]

Australian Lunar Silver Bullion Coins

A world silver bullion coin series that has received a lot of attention this year is the Australian Lunar series. These coins are produced by the Perth Mint and feature the 12 animals of the ancient Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each animal is believed to influence people born under its rule, leading to prominence of certain personality traits. The Lunar Series I ran from 1999 to 2010, followed by … [Read More...]

Canada’s Glow in the Dark Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint recently introduced a 25-cent colored Glow in the Dark Coin. This was promoted as "a mint first" using glow in the dark technology. The copper nickel clad composition coin features a paleontologist's interpretation of how the Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai dinosaur may have appeared both inside and out. The coin features a color image of the dinosaur on the reverse. After … [Read More...]

Similar Design Strategies Applied

This year the Royal British Mint issued a £2 commemorative coin to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. The design takes the approach of creating a profile of the author constructed from the titles of some of his works. The designer of the coin Matthew Dent included the titles in different fonts and sizes to create a visual image that resembles a profile of the famous … [Read More...]