Austrian Mint 2014 “Cretaceous – Life on the Ground” 20 Euro Silver Coin

Createous Life on the Ground Silver Coin

The Austrian Mint will soon release the third coin within the series "Prehistoric Life: Back from the Dead." The latest coin will depict life on the ground during the Cretaceous period, which spanned from 145 million to 66 million years BC. The obverse design of the coin carries a depiction of the Struthiosaurus, a small predator protected by body armor which lived during the late … [Read More...]

Belarus Chinese Lunar Calendar Silver Coins

Belarus Year of the Snake Silver Coin

Many world mints offer coin series which feature representations of the animals of the ancient Chinese lunar calendar. One such series which recently caught my eye is offered by the Republic of Belarus with the coins struck by the Mint of Poland. In a previous post, I had showcased some issues from the Belarusian Folk Legends series which I had added to my collection. Similar to those coins, … [Read More...]

Latvia 2014 Ainaži Nautical School 5 Euro Silver Coin

latvia  Ainaži Nautical School 5 euro silver coin

The Bank of Latvia has released their first Euro collector coin, following the changeover from the Lats currency. The coin commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Ainaži Nautical School. The obverse of the coin features an interesting arrangement of four different sailing ships positioned symmetrically around the outer rim of the coin, which is bordered by water. At the center is the … [Read More...]

2014 Silver Britannia/ Year of the Horse Mule Error Coins

Silver Britannia Mule Error

An article in CoinWorld recently publicized the discovery of a pair of mule errors on Royal Mint silver bullion coins. A mule error occurs when two dies not intended to be paired together are used to strike coinage. In this case, the mule errors involve the transposition of the two similar obverse designs from the 2014 Silver Britannia Bullion Coin and 2014 Lunar Year of the Horse Silver … [Read More...]

Royal Canadian Mint New Product Releases March 2014

2014 Canada Wolverine 20 Dollar Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders from the general public for an array of new products. This includes the final release from the Untamed Canada series and the latest releases from Tradition of Hunting, Great Lakes, and 1/25 oz Gold Coin series. Three of this month's new releases have already sold out online. All of the new products can be found within the new releases section … [Read More...]

Perth Mint New Product Releases March 2014

William Shakespeare 450th Anniversary Silver Coin

The Perth Mint's latest batch of new product releases includes coins to celebrate anniversaries for William Shakespeare and Australian military aviation. New coins are available from the ongoing Australian Map Shaped, Australian Megafauna, and Antarctic Territory series. A new series begins featuring Australian posters of World War I. For collectors in the United States, sales began at March 3, … [Read More...]

Canada 2014 $20 for $20 Bobcat Silver Coin

2014 Bobcat $20 Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has released the latest coin in their "$20 for $20" silver coin series offering 99.99% pure silver coins for their face value. The series has remained popular since its introduction in 2011, with some other world mints introducing their own series sharing the same concept. The design for the latest coin features a depiction of a Bobcat in midair as it pounces towards … [Read More...]

2014 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion and Reverse Proof Finishes


This year, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced new security features for the Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin, which served to significantly change the appearance of the coin. More recently, a premium version of the Silver Maple Leaf was introduced featuring a reverse proof finish. I have acquired examples of each of the coins and wanted to share images with readers, since oftentimes the online … [Read More...]

France: 50 Years of European Space Cooperation Gold and Silver Coins

50 years of European space cooperation Silver Coin

The Monnaie de Paris have recently launched a set of gold and silver coins to commemorate 50 years of European space cooperation. The coins were developed together with the European Space Agency. The reverse design highlights the Ariane launchers, the most well-known and popular symbol of European space cooperation. The Ariane launcher is depicted at launch and the arrival at its orbit. The … [Read More...]

Finland 2014 Tove Jansson 10 & 20 Euro Silver Proof Coins

2014 Tove Jansson 10 Euro Silver Coin

The Mint of Finland has recently released silver proof coins celebrateing Tove Jansson, a Swedish-speaking Finnish novelist, painter, illustrator, and comic strip author. She is best known for her Moomin children's books and received the Han Christian Andersen Medal in 1966, which is the highest recognition available for a writer or illustrator of children's books. The design for the … [Read More...]