Images of 2013 COTY Nominees, Part One

Krause Publications recently announced their selection of the nominees for the 2013 Coin of the Year Awards for 2011-dated coins. With 100 different nominees from 50 different countries, the coins represent a wide variety of topics, designs and styles. The nominees are divided into ten different categories from which a winner for each category will […]

2012 Europa Coin Programme “European Artists”

The Europa Coin Programme, also referred to as the Europa Silver Star Coin Programme or Eurostar Programme, is an interesting concept that has been running for several years. Member countries of the European Union cooperate to issue coins celebrating common aspects of European identity with a different theme selected for each year. All coins must […]

Results of the Titanic Coin Poll

Before moving on to some new issues, I wanted to revisit the results of the poll where readers were asked to select their favorite from a selection of the 2012 Titanic Commemorative Coins. The poll included five different one ounce (or less) silver coins from various world mints, which had roughly similar pricing points. To […]

2012 Titanic Commemorative Coins from World Mints

The year 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Various mints around the world have marked the occasion with the issuance of commemorative coins. As opposed to the United States Mint, world mints generally have much greater latitude in deciding which people, places, animals, or events will be commemorated on […]