Switzerland: Klausen Pass commemorative silver coin begins new Alpine Pass series

The Swiss Federal Mint have launched (25th January) a new commemorative coin which is part of a new three-year series of coins which focuses on Swiss Alpine passes. The first coin features the Klausen Pass, which is 1,948 metres high (6,400 feet) and 46 kilometres long (40 miles), and links the valley of Schächental in […]

Swiss Mint Releases Gold Gotthard Tunnel Coin and “Brass Band” Silver Issue

Today, May 26, the Swiss Mint has released two new commemorative coins featuring the soon-to-be completed Gotthard Tunnel and Switzerland’s famous brass bands, respectively. While the brass bands issue is composed of 83.5% silver, the “Gottardo” coin follows up on a silver piece released in January with a new reverse design and a 90% gold […]

2015 Swiss 2000 Years of Aventicum 50-Franc Gold Coin

The Federal Mint Swissmint has released a new commemorative gold coin which marks 2000 years of Aventicum. The obverse design carries an image of the famous Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Aventicum, the capital city of the Helvetii, whose territory once stretched over nearly all of the Swiss Plateau region, had almost 20,000 inhabitants in the […]

2015 Swiss Commemorative Coins

Last month, the Federal Mint Swissmint launched three new commemorative coins across a variety of themes. A bimetallic coin celebrates the descent from Alpine pastures, while silver coins feature the Solar Impulse project and celebrate 1,500 years of St. Maurice’s Abbey. The bimetallic coin represents the fifth and final issue of a series on the […]

New Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins from Swissmint

The Federal Mint Swissmint has released two new commemorative coins. The first is dedicated to the card game “Jass”, and the second celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Swiss National Park. Jass is a trick taking card game, popularly supposed to be the progenitor of the American game Pinochle. It is popular in Switzerland and […]