2013 Silver Bullion Coins From Around the World

In response to some reader requests, I wanted to provide a post which showcases and reviews the various 2013-dated Silver Bullion Coin offerings from around the world. Many mints from around the world produce high quality bullion priced coins which often feature rotating designs and carry limited mintages. In most cases, these are available for […]

Mexican Silver Libertad Bullion and Proof Coins

Of all the world bullion coins, arguably the most beautiful is the Mexican Libertad.  Minted since 1982, in the oldest mint in North America, the Casa de Moneda de Mexico (literally the House of Mexican Money, founded in 1535 by the Spanish as a way of minting coins with the gold plundered in conquest) the […]

Austrian Philharmonic Silver Bullion Coins

The Silver Philharmonic bullion coins have been issued by the Austrian Mint since 2008. The introduction of the series followed the success of the Gold Philharmonic, which had been issued since 1989. The obverse design for the coins features the Great Pipe Organ found in Vienna’s Golden Hall with the inscriptions “Republik Osterreich”, “1 Unze […]