2013 Pronghorn Antelope Silver Bullion Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled the latest design within the Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin series. This represents the fifth coin within the six coin series. For information on the series and images of the first four designs, refer to this post. The 2013 Pronghorn Antelope Silver Coin features a depiction of the animal […]

2012 Calgary Stampede Silver Dollar

The Royal Canadian Mint has just released the Calgary Stampede Silver Dollar to celebrate 100 years for “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” The reverse design of the coin features an image capturing the wild spirit of the Stampede’s bearback bronco rodeo event. A cowboy is shown battling to control a wildly bucking bronco. The […]

Canada’s Glow in the Dark Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint recently introduced a 25-cent colored Glow in the Dark Coin. This was promoted as “a mint first” using glow in the dark technology. The copper nickel clad composition coin features a paleontologist’s interpretation of how the Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai dinosaur may have appeared both inside and out. The coin features a color […]