Royal British Mint Issues New “Queen’s Beasts” Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

The Royal British Mint has announced the release of an impressive new series of gold and silver bullion coins entitled “The Queen’s Beasts.” The series will pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II by depicting various heraldic animals symbolizing strains of her ancestry. The first design, created by Jody Clark, will be available on one-ounce and […]

2016 UK “The Army” £2 Gold and Silver Coins

The Royal British Mint has issued four varieties of its 2016 “The Army” £2 collector coins, available in gold Proof, silver Proof, silver Proof Piedfort, and Brilliant Uncirculated options. These coins continue the Mint’s ongoing series created in observance of the centenary of World War I. The design’s theme highlights the British “Pals Battalions” of the time, which […]

UK Launches 2016 Range of Britannia Bullion Coins

The Royal Mint has launched their range of 2016-dated Britannia bullion coins, with a significant change. For the first time, the new coins include the fifth definitive portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II, launched in March of 2015. This addition reflects the third change in portraiture for this popular series. The reverse design includes the […]

U.K.’s Royal Mint Reports Big Profits

The Royal Mint has reported a profit of £11.4 million this year through the end of March, dwarfing the £6.7 million in profits collected during the same period last year. The increase has been credited to a boost in commemorative coin sales and new cost-saving measures that have seen cupro-nickel 5- and 10-pence coins replaced […]

Royal Mint Coins Celebrate Royal Birth

The Royal British Mint captured a great deal of worldwide media attention when they announced that babies born in the UK on the same day as Prince William and Kate’s baby would receive a free silver penny. The Royal Birth on July 22, 2013 was followed by the unveiling of a range of numismatic products […]

2013 Britannia Gold and Silver Proof Coins

The Royal British Mint has unveiled the 2013 Britannia Gold and Silver Proof Coins. These coins feature an all new design of the iconic figure and represent the start of a new design series for the numismatic product range. Starting in 2013, the Royal Mint made significant changes to the Britannia program. The purity of […]