Royal Australian Mint Marks 50th Anniversary and Other New Releases

The Royal Australian Mint has just started accepting preorders for a number of new product releases. This includes uncirculated and proof sets which incorporate a special coin to mark the 50th anniversary of the Mint in 2015. Other coins feature the Great Barrier Reef, Eternal Love, and the Alphabet. The latest Remembrance Day, Australia at […]

2014 Southern Sky Orion $5 Silver Proof Domed Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has started accepting orders for the third coin in well-received Southern Sky series. Similar to previous issues, the coin features a domed shape, with a convex obverse and concave reverse. The series has presented constellations which are visible within the southern hemisphere shown on color printed domed coins. The first release […]

Recent Releases from the Royal Australian Mint

The Royal Australian Mint has recently released or started accepting pre-orders for a number of new coins. This includes base metal coins covering various themes and the latest silver proof coin featuring the popular Kangaroo at Sunset design. Product page About a month ago, an aluminum bronze $1 uncirculated coin was issued to mark the […]

2014 Victoria Cross for Australia Coins

The Royal Australian Mint has launched coins which honor the Australian recipients of the Victoria Cross. A frosted uncirculated silver coin carries a mintage of 30,000 pieces, while a larger sized copper coin with a mintage of 5,000 is offered via ballot. These coins represent the latest releases in the Anzac Centenary Coin Program. The […]

2014 A Voyage to Terra Australis $1 Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has launched a new coin to mark the 200th anniversary of the publication of Matthew Flinders’ journal A Voyage to Terra Australis. The journal provided a detailed account of Flinders’ explorations aboard HMAS Investigator and other vessels during a time when Australia was a vast unknown land for European settlers. His […]