2014 A Voyage to Terra Australis $1 Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has launched a new coin to mark the 200th anniversary of the publication of Matthew Flinders’ journal A Voyage to Terra Australis. The journal provided a detailed account of Flinders’ explorations aboard HMAS Investigator and other vessels during a time when Australia was a vast unknown land for European settlers. His […]

More New Releases from the Royal Australian Mint

In addition to the Year of the Horse coins covered earlier this week, the Royal Australian Mint has also released other new coins covering several different themes. The second release within the Explores’ First Sightings series features a design inspired by a drawing by Henry Constantine Richter, originally sketched by John Gould for his 1845 […]

Royal Australian Mint 2014 Year of the Horse Gold and Silver Coins

The Royal Australian Mint has recently started accepting orders for their Lunar Series 2014 Year of the Horse Coins. The range includes three different designs found across multiple gold, silver, and base metal coins. The first design features a central close-up profile portrait of a horse. This appears on three different coins: $1 aluminum bronze […]

2013 Southern Sky Pavo $5 Silver Proof Domed Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has released the second coin within their “Southern Sky” series. These coins feature constellations visible in the southern hemisphere presented on color printed domed coins. The latest coin features the Pavo constellation, first described by Dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius and most visible in the southern sky during August. Its name is […]

25th Anniversary of Parliament House $5 Silver Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has recently issued two coins to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Australia’s Parliament House. These include a triangular silver proof coin and 20c uncirculated coin. The 2013 $5 fine silver proof coin is touted as Australia’s first ever triangular coin. The coin’s design, which features the triangular spire of the building […]