Perth Mint Releases 1916 Gold Sovereign and Special Edition Kookaburra Silver Coin

The Perth Mint is now offering its latest 100-year-old gold sovereign, composed of 7.98 grams of 22 karat gold. Just over four million of the coins were minted at Perth in 1916, and the new issues have been kept in Uncirculated condition for the last century. The reverse design features Benedetto Pistrucci’s famous rendering of St. George […]

2016 Bullion Releases From China, Australia, and Austria

Precious metal dealers are now selling a wide selection of 2016 bullion coins issued by various world mints. World Mint News Blog has already looked at the United Kingdom’s 2016 Brittanias and Canada’s 2016 Silver Howling Wolves and Wolf-marked Silver Maple Leafs, and with just a few hours left in 2015 it’s a good time […]

More Year of the Monkey Releases From the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint continues to release more of its Year of the Monkey issues, which allude to 2016’s place in a twelve-year lunar cycle according to Chinese astrology. Included in the Mint’s December releases are the 2016 Monkey King 1 oz. Silver Colored Coin and the 2016 Year of the Monkey 1 oz. Gold Proof […]