Poland: Exquisite gold and silver coins issued in ongoing Historical Kings series, featuring Sigismund II Augustus

The National Bank of Poland have issued (7th December) two new coins in their ongoing and popular coin series entitled “The Treasures of Stanislaw August” which highlights the succeeding monarchs of the Polish state from the year 992 and the reign of King Bolesław Chrobry to the last Polish King Stanisław August Poniatowski, whose reign […]

Niue: “Mars,” third coin in ultra-high-relief Solar System series, now available

Fans of space- and astronomy-themed coins will find much to like with the latest issue from Niue Island’s Solar System coin series. Struck by the Mint of Poland for Niue, “Mars” is a domed silver coin that replicates the surface of the famous red planet, and bears a piece of meteorite NWA 7397. The original, […]

Ares, God of War, Inaugurates New Series from Niue

In ancient Greek mythology, the gods and goddesses did not create the universe but were created by it. Rather than standing above the natural world, superior to it, they embodied the qualities of the world that created them. Thus we can see that the ancient Greeks used their deities to describe and explain the world as […]

“Speed of Light” Is Second Coin in Niue “Code of the Future” Series

The Mint of Poland has announced the second coin in Niue Island’s popular Code of the Future series. “Speed of Light” is the new companion to the popular “Artificial Intelligence” coin, which was released earlier this year. When “Artificial Intelligence” made its appearance, some collectors were dubious. Modern collector coins are known for taking risks with […]

Mint of Poland Issues Gold-Gilded Silver Coin Honoring Shakespeare and Cervantes

The Mint of Poland has issued a unique commemorative coin honoring two of the most important writers in the Western canon, Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. Interestingly, these two artists who so impacted the literature of their respective languages were contemporaries — Shakespeare died less than two weeks after Cervantes in the Spring of […]

Mint of Poland Continues “History of Polish Coin” Series with Ducat of Sigismund the Elder

The National Bank of Poland has issued its ninth coin in a series commemorating coinage from throughout the nation’s history. The newest issue marks the start of the third part of the series, which is dedicated to coins from the modern era. The “Ducat of Sigismund the Elder” features an obverse and reverse that incorporate […]

Poland’s New Silver Coin Marks Anniversary of WWII Cichociemni Paratroopers

The National Bank of Poland has released a new silver Proof collector coin dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the first drop of the Cichociemni paratroopers. The Cichociemni were an elite force of Polish troops trained in the United Kingdom during the German occupation of Poland in World War II. Although hundreds eventually parachuted into Poland for covert […]

Poland’s Coin History Series Continues with Half Grosz of Ladislaus Jagiello

The National Bank of Poland has issued its eighth coin in a series commemorating the country’s Medieval coinage. The “Half-grosz of Ladislaus Jagiello” features an obverse and reverse that incorporate the design of original half grosz (1/100 Polish zloty) pieces from the time of Ladislaus Jagiello, King of Poland from 1386 to 1434. The coin is […]