2015 500 Years of Riga Castle 5 Euro Silver Coin

On June 17, the Bank of Latvia launched a new collector coin to mark the 500th anniversary of Riga Castle. This important symbol of Latvia is a characteristic feature of the Riga skyline and has been witness to the power or weakness of rulers for centuries. The obverse of the square shaped coin features the […]

2015 150 Years of Firefighting in Latvia 5 Euro Silver Coin

Last month, the Bank of Latvia released a new collector coin commemorating 150  years of firefighting in Latvia. The coin honors firefighters and rescuers for their professionalism and heroic acts of bravery for the good of the nation. In Latvia, the very first firefighters’ brigade was formed in 1845 in Daugavpils, then Dinaburg of Vitebsk […]

Latvia 2014 Baroque of Courland 5 Euro Silver Coin

The Bank of Latvia has released their latest collector coin, which is dedicated to the Baroque art style in Courland. The silver coin is intended to serve as a reminder of the Lestene Church and and woodcarvings by Nicolaus Söffrens. The largest Baroque ensemble in Courland used to be located in Lestene Church. The altar, […]

Latvia 2014 Coin of the Seasons 5 Euro Silver Coin

The Bank of Latvia has released their latest silver collector coin which is dedicated to Latvian ethnographic and folklore traditions. The design of the coin features different representations of the four seasons. The obverse design includes the sun at the center with its ray emanating throughout the coin. The images of four farm laborers are […]

Latvia 2014 Old Stenders 5 Euro Silver Coin

The Bank of Latvia has issued a new silver collector coin dedicated to Gotthard Friedrich Stender, known as Vecais Stenders or “Old Stenders.” The release coincides with the 300th anniversary of the birth of the Latvian writer, linguist, thinker, and founder of Latvian secular literature. The obverse design features an image taken from the title […]

Latvia 2014 The White Book 5 Euro Silver Coin

The Bank of Latvia has released their latest collector coin which is dedicated to The White Book by Jānis Jaunsudrabiņš. The coin features a unique polygonal shape created by the shape of a book slightly offset against a square background. The first part of The White Book was published in 1914 with a second part […]

Latvia 2014 Ainaži Nautical School 5 Euro Silver Coin

The Bank of Latvia has released their first Euro collector coin, following the changeover from the Lats currency. The coin commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Ainaži Nautical School. The obverse of the coin features an interesting arrangement of four different sailing ships positioned symmetrically around the outer rim of the coin, which is bordered […]

Latvia 2013 “365” 1 Lats Silver Coin

The Bank of Latvia has released the 2013 “365” 1 Lats Silver Coin, which is intended to offer intellectual and scientific reflection on the topic of time and change. This also marks the end of the era of the renewed lats, ahead of the switch to the euro. The obverse design includes a line around […]

Latvia 2013 Oh, Holy Lestene! 1 Lats Gold Coin

The Bank of Latvia has released a coin dedicated to the Lestene Church, which was once one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Latvia. The Church was damaged during World War II when its spire was burnt down and the altar was shelled. In the post-war period, the Church was systematically demolished although the […]