2016 Libertad Silver BU Releases Early

Unlike the American Silver Eagles, which begin sales in January, the Mexican Mint releases its Libertad bullion (BU) coins whenever they want and this year this means now! The silver BU coins began their 2016 year by surprising everybody and shipping starting April 1. With silver prices up from a few months ago, it is likely […]

Libertad Mintage Day is Here!

Not long after the Dia De Los Muertos (the Mexican Day of the Dead), the Banco de Mexico has released the mintage figures for the 2015 Libertads. Let’s look at the numbers: 2015 Silver 1 oz Proof, mintage 6400. The 1 oz silver Proof breaks the three-year streak of low mintages that started in 2012, […]

2015 Reverse Proof Libertad!

For those of us struck by the polished-dies-of-the-libertad bug, 2015 has lived up to our usual standard of shock, excitement, bafflement, and mad internet scrambling. Keeping this beautiful collection current has always been an elusive goal, and now the Banco de Mexico has decided to accept their North American destiny and release a reverse Proof, […]

Loose Change at the Mexican Mint

The wildly collectible and unpredictable Libertad series is living up to its name in 2013. After experimenting with a 30th Anniversary Set in 2012 that contained no fractional proofs, the Mexican Mint brought back the popular 5 coin silver Libertad proof set, with a maximum mintage of 1000 pieces for the 1 oz, 1/2 ounce, […]