Belarus Chinese Lunar Calendar Silver Coins

Many world mints offer coin series which feature representations of the animals of the ancient Chinese lunar calendar. One such series which recently caught my eye is offered by the Republic of Belarus with the coins struck by the Mint of Poland. In a previous post, I had showcased some issues from the Belarusian Folk […]

Arrival: 2013 High Relief Piedfort 25th Anniversary Silver Maple Leaf

Included in last month’s new releases from the Royal Canadian Mint was the 2013 Silver High Relief Piedfort Coin issued to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Silver Maple Leaf. The example of the coin that I ordered recently arrived. The reverse design features an arrangement of overlapping maple leaves with the uppermost leaf slightly […]

Arrival: Belarusian Folk Legends Silver Coins

As in the past I wanted to share the recent arrival of some coins that I thought might be of interest to readers. The latest are three Belarusian coins from the Folk Legends series that caught my eye due to the very distinctive designs. The Republic of Belarus has an extensive commemorative coin program, which […]