France: “Men and Women in The Great War” coin series concludes with Peace and the End of the Conflict

The Monnaie de Paris issued (19th February) the last coins in their series which are dedicated to World War I. The coin series was begun in 2014 on the centenary anniversary of the commencement of hostilities, of which France had participated in from the start. Like many countries drawn into the conflict in 1914, France […]

Estonia: Central Bank to open their doors to the public to celebrate a milestone national anniversary

The Bank of Estonia (Eesti Pank) have announced (13th February) that they will be opening their doors on the 19th February from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the bank’s Independence Hall in order to present the two-euro circulating coin with a special design dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The […]

New Zealand: Latest honeybee collector coin unveiled features mānuka honey

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand have unveiled (13th February) their second collector coin which focuses on the country’s lucrative honey industry. Following on the huge success of the Reserve Bank’s release of their first honey bee coin last year, a second coin is to be issued which features the golden nectar from the mānuka […]

British Virgin Islands: The archipelago and its wildlife featured on new crown coin

The government and treasury of the British Virgin Islands have issued (6th February) a new crown coin which highlights the territory’s unique wildlife inhabiting these islands who make this warm Caribbean spot their home. Well-known creatures such as the iguana, the flamingo, and the brown pelican feature prominently in the design. The British Virgin Islands, located […]

Switzerland: Klausen Pass commemorative silver coin begins new Alpine Pass series

The Swiss Federal Mint have launched (25th January) a new commemorative coin which is part of a new three-year series of coins which focuses on Swiss Alpine passes. The first coin features the Klausen Pass, which is 1,948 metres high (6,400 feet) and 46 kilometres long (40 miles), and links the valley of Schächental in […]

Austria: Easter’s on its way with a charming new silver collector coin

The Mint of Austria have unveiled (29th January) a new collector coin which was released just in time for Easter with its depiction of one of the more well-known Easter rabbit figurines in Austria. The new 2018-dated collector coin also celebrates the 300th anniversary of the manufacture of porcelain in Vienna. Designed by ceramicist and […]

British Indian Ocean Territory: Impressive coconut crab features on new titanium crown coin

The government and treasury of the British Indian Ocean Territory have issued (16th January) a new crown coin produced in both titanium and cupro-nickel which focuses on one of the most curious indigenous animals that are widely found in the region: The coconut crab. One the world’s largest land arthropods, coconut crabs are famous for […]

South Africa unveils new commemorative five-rand Mandela centenary anniversary coin

The Finance Ministry of South Africa have unveiled (19th January) the design that will be produced for the upcoming five-rand commemorative coin. The new 2018-dated coin is minted in celebration of the centenary anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, the first president elected in South Africa after the introduction of majority rule with all-inclusive […]

Canada: Tree of life silver coin introduces a special celebration for 2018

The Royal Canadian Mint have released a new silver coin which is specifically aimed at gift-givers who have coin collectors on their list. The theme of the Royal Canadian Mint’s 2018-dated gift coin is based on the idea of a “tree of life” or “a sacred tree” which is found in many early mythologies with […]

Canada: Annual silver dollar honours the 240th anniversary of Captain Cook’s explorations of Western Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint have released their new annual silver dollar coin for 2018 which pays tribute to the memorable explorations of North America by Captain James Cook (1728–1779) who is remembered in Canada as one of the most prolific seamen and explorers of his time. History remembers Cook as the explorer whose voyages and exceptional […]