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A surprise 2017 release from the Mexican Mint comes to us in kilo silver. The first surprise is that the 2017 kilo silver Libertad is the key to the series. With a mintage of just 200, it is the lowest minted Libertad to date. That includes all Libertads, in both silver and gold. The previous key was the 1998 Proof silver with a mintage of 300 — which goes for between $2,500 and $5,000. Now, not many people will be walking around with a kilo of silver in their pocket, but as the five-ounce America the Beautiful series shows us, there is a market for oversized silver coins. How popular will these be? Right now, there are none for sale, so it’s a seller’s market. The mintages for silver kilo Libertads vary usually from 2,000-4,000, with lower mintages for the Prooflike (which varies in mintage between 500 and 1,820). The mintage of 200 is really a shocker for the Brilliant Uncirculated silver.

Brilliant Uncirculated silver Libertad.

Usually, the prize of the kilo series is the beautiful Prooflike Libertad kilo, which was released this year with a mintage of 500, only to be upstaged by a high-relief kilo coin.

You read that right: In honor of the 15th anniversary of the Libertad kilo, the Bank of Mexico is releasing a high-relief kilo Libertad with a special beautiful wood case and a statue of the Winged Angel of Liberty that sits on top of it (a wooden box that is sure to win any “wooden box of the year” awards).

Collectors have shown in recent years a willingness to get anything Libertad-related, as the Reverse Proof and seven coin sets have sold very well. The kilo Libertads have sometimes been seen selling close to spot, and the 15th anniversary may be the celebration of the end of that era. Viva la Libertad, happy holidays, and good health to all.

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  1. Evilflipper says

    So I’m guessing the average guy has no chance to get one? How does one even get a chance to buy it? Don’t these go to authorized dealers first who jack up the price and then sell?

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