Perth Mint follows up success of silver swan bullion coins with two new swan issues

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Following the monumental success in sales from their silver bullion Swan coin released earlier this year, the Perth Mint has unveiled two new swan-themed issues: a 1-ounce, .9999 fine silver Proof coin and a 1-ounce, .9999 fine gold Brilliant Uncirculated coin. These coins are projected to be the first in a new series of swan-themed coins to be released once every year, similar to the Perth Mint’s heralded Kangaroo series. Designs for the Swan coins will vary each year as well. The swan is often associated with the Perth Mint itself due to the incorporation of the elegant bird on the Mint’s logo and because the city of Perth was founded in 1829 on the Swan River. Due to their previous success in this endeavor, the Perth Mint’s newly issued Swan coins are expected to become extremely hot items in the collector market.

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Both coins share the same obverse design, which features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Inscriptions on both coins read ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, and 2017. The only difference in the inscription between the two coins is the denomination: 1 DOLLAR for the silver coin and 100 DOLLARS for the gold coin.

The coins also share the same reverse design, which features a swan delicately wading through water with an outstretched wing. The “P” mintmark of the Perth Mint is also visible on both coins toward the rear of the swan. The inscription reads THE 1 OZ 9999 AUSTRALIAN SILVER SWAN and THE 1 OZ 9999 AUSTRALIAN GOLD SWAN for the silver and gold coins, respectively.

The silver Swan coin has an extremely limited mintage of just 2,500 pieces and is presented in a themed case with a numbered certificate of authenticity. On the flip side, the gold coin comes in a limited mintage of 5,000 pieces and is sold in multiples of 20 in sealed rolls, whereas multiples of 100 are presented in a sealed box. For more information about these coins and others offered by the Perth Mint, please visit their website.

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