Legal tender coin struck in antique bronze shows historic Hungarian public square

Background photo by Szász Pál.

As a result of limited quantities and appealing subjects, Hungary’s annual 2,000-forint coin showing its national memorials has become a virtual sell-out after just a few years of existence. This year should be no exception. The fourth issue in the series, in which the coins are struck in patinated antique bronze, is dedicated to Kossuth Tér (“square”), on the 90th anniversary of its being named in honor of the great 19th-century statesman, Lajos Kossuth.

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Located on the banks of the Danube, it is the symbolic center of the Hungarian state. Among the buildings facing it, and shown on the coin’s obverse, are Parliament, the Museum of Ethnography, and the Ministry of Agriculture. The reverse shows one of the lions from the front of Parliament and the Hungarian flag. Five years ago, the square was restored to the way it looked before 1944. Among the memorials on it are those to Kossuth, Francis II Rákóczi, who led the Hungarian uprising against the Habsburgs in the early 18th century, and other more recent events continuing well into this century.

The coin’s issue date is November 30, 2017, with mintage limited to a total of 5,000 pieces. It is 37 millimeters in diameter and weighs 18.4 grams. The cost is $22.50.

To order, or for more information on these and other coins of Hungary, contact the Hungarian Mint’s North American Representative at P.O. Box 399, Williston, VT 05495. Toll-free 1-800-421-1866. Fax 802-536-4787. Email:, or click on the Hungarian flag at the website of the Coin & Currency Institute for secure website ordering.

Press release courtesy of the Coin & Currency Institute.

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