Rarities in fabulous grades at Grün part 5: Post-1871 German coins

Lot 2425. German Empire. 1 mark 1891 D. Almost FDC. Estimate: 6,000 euros.

More than 600 lots of post-1871 German coins will conclude the sale. As always, the Heidelberger Münzhandlung offers a rich selection that places a focus not on gold, as a material that is found much more frequently, but on rare fractions. When in a perfect grade, these are much harder to come by than many a rare gold coin. Cases in point are the 20 pfennigs piece 1873 E in almost FCD (estimate: 1,400 euro), the 1 mark piece 1891 D in almost FDC (estimate: 6,000 euro), and the 10 pfennigs piece 1918 D in almost FDC (estimate: 2,000 euro), as the best-preserved specimen known to Herbert Grün.

Lot 2805. German Empire. Prussia. Wilhelm II, 1888-1918. 10 marks 1889. Very rare. Very fine / Extremely fine. Estimate: 5,000 euros.

The catalog features more than 220 lots of silver coins from the German Empire and another 180 with gold coins, which could have been expected as the Heidelberger Münzhandlung is known for its expertise on coins from the German Empire. As usual, a large number of rarities in outstanding grades can be found here.

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