Rarities in fabulous grades at Grün part 3: Holy Roman Empire and Austrian mediatized princes

Lot 1296. Holy Roman Empire. Matthias II, 1608-1619. 10 ducats, no date, Prague. Gold strike from the dies of the dreikaisertaler. Extremely rare. Almost Extremely Fine. Estimate: 60,000 euro.

In the last post, we covered selected world coins from Auction 73 of the Heidelberger Münzhandlung, taking place November 14 and 15, 2017. Today we move on to selected coins from the Holy Roman Empire and Austria. A gold strike in the weight of 10 ducats from the dies of the dreikaisertaler constitutes the highlight of the coins from the Holy Roman Empire – a series that is certainly not poor in rarities.

The connoisseur discovers municipal talers with the most delicate patina ranging in the three-digit region as well as rare gold coins that are likely to yield four- to five-digit results for instance, a quintuple ducat 1628 from Breslau (1299, VF+, estimate: 10,000 euro), a double ducat 1661 from Breslau (1302, VF, estimate: 5,000 euro), or a gold medal of four ducats on the capture of Ofen (1307, VF, estimate: 5,000 euro).

Lot 1377. Salzburg. Paris, Count of Lodron, 1619-1653. 10 ducats, 1628, on the consecration of the cathedral. Extremely rare. Extremely Fine. Estimate: 12,500 euro.

The small series of Salzburg gold coins has much to offer, too, as do the other coins of the mediatized princes. Suffice it to mention an extremely rare 1630 ducat from the County of Schlick that was minted in Nuremberg (1393, EF-FDC, estimate: 6,000 euro), and a small selection of gold coins from Transylvania, including a ducat of Gabriel Bathory 1612, minted in Nagybanya (1394, FDC, estimate: 7,500 euro).

Coming up next, Part 4: German States

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