Roswell Greys take center stage on new silver Cameroon coins

In our first numismatic extraterrestrial investigation, we examined some silver flying-saucer coins from the island of Niue that commemorated the 70-year anniversary of the Roswell Incident. Now our interstellar journey takes us to the Republic of Cameroon, and instead of focusing on flying saucers, we will be focusing on their little grey passengers. Grey aliens, also referred to as “Roswell Greys,” or simply “Greys,” are the commonly depicted small, grey-skinned, bipedal humanoid aliens with large, opaque black eyes. Forty-three percent of supposed alien sightings in the United States fit the description of Greys, and they are now a staple of popular culture. Now, thanks to the craftsmanship of the Republic of Cameroon, virtually anyone can experience a close encounter with a Roswell Grey.

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The 92.5 percent silver, 3,000-franc coin is struck in ultra-high relief and contains 3 troy ounces of silver. The reverse of the coin greets you with the brilliantly engraved visage of a Roswell Grey, which fills more than three-quarters of the field from the left. Reading counterclockwise in the small portion of the empty field to the right is the inscription ROSWELL · 1947. Furthermore, when exposed to the darkness of the Void (or any place with a lack of lighting), the Grey’s eyes will glow due to phosphorescent treatment applied to that part of the coin.

Hearkening back to Roswell, the obverse of the coin features a crashed, saucer-like craft to the right of the field, at the end of a dark streak suggesting the churned earth at the crash site. Starting clockwise from upper left, the inscription reads REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN. Below the right-hand side of the crashed spacecraft is the fineness Ag925, signifying that the coin is 92.5% fine silver. Toward the bottom of the coin, the year of issue, 2017, can be seen above the denomination of 3000 FRANCS CFA.

Denom. Metal Weight Diameter Quality Maximum Mintage
 3,000 francs .925 silver 93.31 g 55 mm Antique finish with applied phosphorescence 500

The Republic of Cameroon’s Alien 70th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident silver coins come packaged in a special two-sided transparent display frame complete with a certificate of authenticity. Like the Niue island UFO coin, the Cameroon coin can be examined and preordered online from World Mint News Blog sponsor First Coin Company. They also offer free international shipping. Deliveries are scheduled for late August to early September.

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