Niue takes you to their leader with new UFO-themed coin

Alien image by Beckie used under CCBY2.0. Image was cropped and rotated. All other images courtesy of Art Mint.

While the infamous descriptor of “flying saucer” was not coined until the 1930s, we now have a coin decades later that literally imitates the alien vehicle on a miniature scale. To commemorate the 70-year anniversary of the Roswell Incident, which took place in the summer of 1947, the quaint island nation of Niue has commissioned a coin worthy of the occasion. A dated article from The Sacramento Bee can still be observed with the blaring headline: “Army Reveals It Has Flying Disc In New Mexico.” However, the official story was that the object was a United States Army Air Forces balloon that crash landed. It was later revealed in the 1990s from formerly classified documents to be a nuclear test surveillance balloon that was a part of Project Mogul. Nevertheless, unidentified flying object (UFO) enthusiasts have repeatedly claimed that the official narrative regarding the 1947 Roswell Incident is an elaborate cover-up designed to obfuscate the truth about extraterrestrial life. Regardless of whichever side you may stand on in this debate, the 70th Anniversary Roswell Incident silver coin—produced by Art Mint in Paris, France—has to be seen to be believed.

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The 92.5 percent silver $2 coin, which is struck in ultra-high relief and contains 1.3 troy ounces of silver, boasts many unusual features.

The concave obverse of the coin depicts her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. While this may seem a strange pairing with our supposed interstellar visitors’ vehicle of choice, the reason for her inclusion is rather simple. Niue Island’s citizens are also citizens of New Zealand, and the two countries freely associate with one another. Furthermore, it is Queen Elizabeth II who is recognized as the formal head of state for New Zealand, and thus it is sensible for her to be depicted on coinage minted on the Island of Niue as well. Though to the unwary collector, it can understandably be seen as an unusual combination of a well-respected monarch and an extraterrestrial spacecraft. However, in standard coin collection practices, unusual is quite often a marker of desirability.

The convex reverse of the coin has a small, raised dome in the center. A fictional alien language encircles the dome.

Denom.  Metal  Weight  Diameter  Quality  Maximum Mintage
 $2  .925 silver  40g  50 mm  Proof with applied phosphorescence  700

Whether you are a history buff, a UFO enthusiast, or an enthusiastic collector of unusual coins – the 70th Anniversary Roswell Incident silver $2 coin is certain to please. At the very least, it is extremely entertaining to behold the effigy of Her Majesty on a flying saucer. The coin can be observed and preordered online from World Mint News Blog sponsor First Coin Company, which offers free international shipping. Deliveries are scheduled for late August to early September.

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  1. Dennis Tucker says

    “A fascinating example of the outer reaches of coinage, Captain. One wonders what Her Majesty the Queen thinks of it.”
    — Mr. Spock

  2. Koichi Ito says

    This UFO silver coin issued by Niue Island was sold out at Mint. Just like meteorite coins issued by Niue Island, which were minted by Mint of Poland. Both UFO and Meteorite coins are in high demand.

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