Guinevere joins King Arthur in ultra-high-relief Camelot series

In December of last year, we shared Choice Mint’s remarkable King Arthur silver coin. The next coin in the six-piece Camelot series, “Guinevere,” is now available to pre-order, and it is as beautiful as its predecessor.

“Camelot” is a joint product of the treasury of the Cook Islands, Choice Mint, and Coin Invest Trust (CIT). The coins are produced using CIT’s Smartminting technology, which achieves exceptionally high relief with normal amounts of metal—or, alternatively, normal relief with less metal than conventional methods require. Either way, it also produces very fine detail.

The reverse design depicts the legendary queen of Camelot in a seated position, holding a long-stemmed rose. Like the previous coin in the series, it is beautifully detailed in both the foreground and the background, and employs three distinct finishes: a mirrorlike Proof finish, a rich matte finish, and a fine, smooth finish that strikes a balance between the two. The stitching on Guinevere’s gown, each loop of her braid, each bead in her necklace is sharply detailed, and clusters of leaves are visible on the far-off trees. A knight’s shield with diagonal stripes leans against one tree, and in the far background, a tiny flag waves above the towers of Camelot.

The obverse is remains the same as on the King Arthur coin: a modern portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, by Ian Rank-Broadley, reduced in size and placed at the center of the legendary Round Table. She is surrounded by Arthur’s knights, who are shown as if from above, each holding his helm in one hand and his sword, raised toward the Queen, in the other hand. Each tiny knight is different from the others, most noticeably in the hair, which may be straight, curly, tousled, parted, or in the case of one knight, nonexistent. Even the wood grain on the surface of the Round Table is visible.

The coins are dated 2016 and have a face value of 10 dollars (Cook Islands legal tender). Measuring 50 millimeters, each coin consists of 2 ounces of .999 silver. The mintage is limited to 999. “King Arthur” and “Guinevere” will be followed this year by “Sir Lancelot” and “The Lady of the Lake.” “Merlin” and “Morgan le Fey” will conclude the series in 2018.

The limited mintage is distributed among several vendors, including World Mint News Blog sponsor First Coin Company. A listing of dealers worldwide can be found on the Choice Mint website.    ❑

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  1. Koichi Ito says

    If the name “Guinevere” is Jennifer in modern English ? I think no Queen nor President ever named Jennifer in world history? Therefore I believe this not true that Guinevere is Jennifer in English? Finally, that I believe that Jennifer is “A girl next door” in German?

  2. World Mint News Blog says

    You make an interesting point, Koichi Ito. As Queen Guinevere is part of the legend of King Arthur and Camelot, it is unknown whether she ever existed. The legendary version of her may be completely fictional, or it may be based on one or more real, historical women. To answer your question, the name “Guinevere” is generally thought to be the source of the name “Jennifer.” Here’s a basic Wikipedia article you might find interesting:

    Historians have studied the legends of King Arthur for many years, and they are always making new discoveries. The following story hit the media recently; I found it quite interesting:

    The legend of King Arthur and his Round Table has always been a personal favorite of mine. Regardless of how much literal truth there is to the tale, it’s certainly given us hundreds of years’ worth of beautiful artwork!

    Diana Plattner
    Social-Media Editor
    Coin Update, Mint News Blog, World Mint News Blog

  3. says

    Thank you for covering my coin. I put a lot of work into this series and this coin. It’s always a challenge today featuring a female on a coin with a higher price point. However I think that anyone who appreciates art and the detail we delivered in this coin will appreciate the piece.

    And if you notice, there are 3 distinct finishes I did on this coin and King Arthur. We use matte, proof and polished. This had never been done before and it’s worth noting.

    It’s also difficult to get coins approved by Buckingham Palace if you diverge from the usual queen effigy. So I got creative and I think people overlook the Obverse.

    Thanks again for covering my coin and I hope you’re ready for when I release Merlin. The artwork is truly amazing and if I knew how to nominate a coin series for an award I would definitely try. Then again I am biased 😎

    Lastly, my new website design will be available by next week. I hope you enjoy it.

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