“Year of the Rooster” Silver Medals from Shengyang Mint

2017 Year of the Rooster medal, antiqued format.

2017 Panda / Year of the Rooster medal, antiqued format.

About this time last year, we reported on an assortment of panda-themed issues that were slated for 2016. This time around, we’ll be approaching the coins from the perspective of the lunar year—that is, rounding up the best of the Year of the Rooster coins and medals from around the world. Look for that story in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, we thought it would be nice to close out the western calendar year with this particular panda medal. It’s the third in a series from China’s Shengyang Mint, which opened its lunar-year offerings with the Year of the Goat in 2015. (The second issue honored the Year of the Monkey in 2016.) Each medal’s obverse features a giant panda arranged in a setting with the Great Wall of China. The reverse shows the lunar year’s animal in a “happy family” arrangement—two parents and a single chick.

2017 Panda / Year of the Rooster medal, Proof format.

2017 Panda / Year of the Rooster medal, Proof format.

The 2-ounce, .999 fine silver medal is offered in two formats: Proof (mintage limited to 499) and antique (mintage limited to 99). The obverse design shows the panda approaching the edge of the wall; this is meant to suggest a reaching-out in friendship to other countries. At the bottom is the year of issue, 2017, along with a Chinese inscription.

Obverse (Proof version).

Obverse (Proof version).

The reverse design, in addition to saluting the Year of the Rooster, reflects a change in China’s one-child doctrine. Since the 1970s, China has imposed a rule of one child per family (subject to regional and ethnic variations) in an order to prevent excess population growth. As of January 1, 2016, the limit has been raised to two children per family. Thus, the rooster and hen have two small chicks running about at their feet. At the top of the field are nine lychee fruits (9 being an auspicious number in China). In keeping with the recent change to Chinese Panda bullion coins, the medal’s weight is rendered in grams rather than ounces from 2016. Thus, the reverse inscription at upper left is 62g Ag.999.

Reverse (antiqued version).

Reverse (antiqued version).

For more information on this silver Panda / Year of the Rooster medal from Shengyang Mint, you can visit the website of Chinese Medals.   ❑

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  1. Stark says

    “For more information on this silver Panda / Year of the Rooster medal from Shengyang Mint, you can visit the website of Chinese Medals. “

  2. World Mint News Blog says

    @Koichi Ito — As a couple of commenters have noted, you can click the link to ChineseMedals.com in the story (or you can click here instead: https://goo.gl/6VYfXE). Happy New Year!

  3. Louis says

    Antique costs twice as much. I like these medals, but with so many panda medals, it is hard to know which are the best to collect. I like the moon pandas a lot.

  4. Geir says

    Yes Louis there are many Pandas around, but in hand these are really massive and impressive! I tend to like the antique best, but with only 99 minted, it’s a hard to get object which also reflect the price. This is the third year so have a look at goat and monkey as well.

  5. says

    World News Mint Blog. Thanks so much for writing a nice piece on the Lunar Panda Series. This series is becoming more and more recognized around the world. Those who came up with the design of this series picked some of the most recognized features about China around the world: Panda, Great Wall, and Lunar Calendar Animals. It started with the goat, and now we are on the rooster. Work has already begun with the family of dogs. The mintage for the goat silver proof is 299, and antique goat is 99; the monkey and rooster proof was bumped up to 499 due to the increased popularity, but the antiques remained at 99. I suspect the antique pieces will always remain at 99, but the proofs may increase over time. Who knows what it will be by the time the tiger, dragon, and horse arrive – some of the more popular animals in the lunar calendar. It may still be at 499, who really knows. Thanks again!!

  6. says

    Hey Guy, I just try to Chime in. We have agreed to contribute to WWF for the rooster panda sold.

    I did donate and purchase merchandise of SGD500 today from WWF Singapore. A lucky draw will be organize one we obtain the items from WWF Singapore. They are in renovation stage so the merchandise will available in early Feb 2017.

    No purchase is needed for the lucky draw, Likely to be around 25 prizes or more will be for the lucky draw.

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