North American Release of Silver Krugerrand Delayed Due to Shipment Damage


Last month, Mint News Blog reported that the official North American release date for the South African Mint’s silver Krugerrand coins would be December 5, 2016. Unfortunately, release day was greeted with a press release rather than cases of silver coins. In the release, the mint wrote that its first shipment to the United States “did not travel well and arrived with scratches and markings.” Rather than release the damaged coins, the mint has opted to delay the release date until the issue can be resolved. The complete press release can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

Next year marks the milestone 50th anniversary of the Krugerrand, which was world’s first modern gold bullion coin. The Krugerrand has been the model for all other bullion coins issued since its 1967 debut. Until now, only gold Krugerrands have been issued; but as part of the celebration of the coins’ 50th, the South African Mint has opted to release 1 million silver Krugerrand coins.

The dies for the 2017 silver Krugerrand have been digitally enhanced through laser-etching technology that was not available in 1967. The results are razor-sharp detail, highlights, and shading not seen on a Krugerrand coin before. The first 2017 Krugerrands made with this technology will be Uncirculated silver coins, officially distributed to American collectors by and

Full text of the South African Mint's press release.

Full text of the South African Mint’s press release.

APMEX lists the Proof-strike silver Krugerrand on its website, but the item is currently marked “out of stock.” ❑

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