Fiji: Unique Collector Coin Honors 75th Anniversary of Captain America


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Marvel Comics’ Captain America, Fiji has issued a legal-tender silver collector coin that fans will appreciate. Numerous commemorative and collector coins have taken advantage of the convex format, but this one may be the single most appropriate design for a domed coin: Captain America’s shield. It is also the first domed coin to contain two ounces of silver.

The convex reverse of the Proof coin is both simple and dazzling: the face of the red, silver, and blue shield, with silver star at center, used by the comic’s superhero in a world of adventures since its debut in issue #2 (scroll to the bottom for the cover). Although the shield design varied over the course of the Captain America’s history, the one most closely associated with Captain America is the classic disc of vibranium-steel alloy, capable of absorbing a blow of any force, from any source. Sadly, the coin’s composition is merely 0.999 fine silver, and is not guaranteed against the hammer of Thor.

The obverse (on the concave side) bears the distinctive coat of arms of Fiji, with its motto “Rerevaka na Kalou ka doka na Tui” (“Fear God and honor the Queen”). FIJI 2016 appears above the shield, and 2 DOLLARS below.



The coins are licensed by Marvel Comics, and each is housed in a domed capsule within a black lacquer display case. A replica of the shield is embedded in the lid of the box. Only 7,500 coins are being minted. Produced by Sunshine Minting for Fiji, the coin is available from APMEX and other vendors for $199.99.



Issue #2, 1941, in which the iconic shield makes its debut—against HItler, no less.


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  1. Mister Kairu says

    Not going to lie I don’t fall much for these type of “circus” coins but would be cool having this one. Not for that price though for 2 oz of silver 🙁

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