Bank of Russia Issues Three 2016 Circulation Coins in “Ancient Cities of Russia” Series

Last month, the Bank of Russia issued three new 10-ruble coins as part of its “Ancient Cities of Russia” series, first launched in 2002. The coins were struck at the Moscow Mint – Branch of Goznak and feature depictions of Velikie Luki, Zubtsov, and Rzhev.


The Velikie Luki coin highlights two to the city’s great landmarks: to the right in the background is a memorial obelisk dedicated to Alexander Matrosov, erected in honor of the “Great Patriotic War,” which is a term used to describe Russia’s conflict with the Nazi’s during World War II. In the foreground is the city’s 19th century church.


The Rzhev coin features a bridge in the foreground that emphasizes the town’s establishment on both sides of the Volga river.


The reverse of the Zubtsov coin carries a depiction of an earth mound that has been employed to fortify this city for centuries, along with a modern bridge illustrating the modern development of the city.

All of the coins’ reverses were designed by Andrey Brynza and feature a Russian inscription that translates to “Ancient cities of Russia” along the rim. Each city’s coat of arms is also included.

The obverses carry the 10-ruble denomination and the 2016 year of issue. Five million pieces of each coin will be released into circulation. For more information on coins struck at the Moscow Mint, please visit its Web site.

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