Royal Mint Releases 2016 Britannia Gold and Silver Coins


The Royal Mint has released its 2016 range of Britannia gold and silver coins, which includes a variety of sizes and product options for collectors to consider.

The silver coins are composed of 99.9% silver and are available in one-ounce Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated versions, a five-ounce Proof piece, and as a six-coin Proof set. The gold issues all carry a Proof finish and are composed of 99.99% gold; available options include a forthieth-ounce piece, a quarter-ounce coin, a three-coin Proof set, and a six-coin Proof set.


The reverse of this year’s coins features an depiction of Britannia–Britain’s allegorical personification–with a helmet, a shield, and a trident, symbolizing military might and the nation’s “mastery of the seas.” Beside her rests the British lion, described on the Mint’s Web site as a national symbol of courage and protection. BRITANNIA, 2016, and the coin’s metal composition, weight, and fineness are inscribed along the rim of the design, which was created by sculptor Suzie Zamit.


The obverse carries Jody Clark’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, with the inscriptions ELIZABETH II, D.G. REG F.D. (a Latin abbreviation for “By the Grace of God, Queen and Defender of the Faith”), and the coin’s monetary denomination.


The Mint estimates that the six-coin gold Proof set will not begin shipping until December, but the other product options in this series are available now.


Among 2016’s Britannia coins, only the one-ounce silver Brilliant Uncirculated coin has a different reverse design, which features Philip Nathan’s nearly 30-year-old depiction of Britannia. This issue is recommended by the Mint as a 25th silver wedding anniversary gift.

Mintage limits for these items vary and tend to be rather low. For more information on 2016 Britannia gold and silver coins, please visit the Web site of the Royal Mint.

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