Monnaie de Paris Issues 2016 Women of France: Joan of Arc Gold and Silver Coins


1890 statue of Joan of Arc, Philadelphia. Photo by Smallbones.

The Monnaie de Paris has released its 2016 Women of France: Joan of Arc gold and silver coins, which carry the third design in the Mint’s new “Women of France” series launched earlier this year. The coin is available in a 22.2-gram silver Proof version and as 1/4-ounce and 1-ounce gold Proof pieces.

The Joan of Arc coins follow the Queen Clotilde and Queen Matilda releases in this series. As a teenager, Joan of Arc experienced visions in which she believed various saints were instructing her to assist Charles VII in fighting to free France from English occupation during the Hundred Years’ War. Her efforts led to several French victories, resulting in the coronation of Charles as King of France. She was captured in 1431 and burned at the stake by the English at the age of 19, but has since been canonized as a Catholic saint and remains a powerful symbol of French identity.


The coins’ obverse features a profile image of Joan, with various fleurs de lis composing a pattern in the background. Inscribed along the rim of the coin are JEANNE D’ARC and the dates of her birth and death, 1412-1431.


The reverse features a depiction of Joan armed for battle on a horse and carrying a standard. The inscriptions on this side of the coin read ORLEANS 1428 (the site of her greatest victory), 2016, RF (for Republique Francaise), and the monetary denomination.


The silver Proof Joan of Arc coin is composed of 90% silver, costs 55 €, and has a mintage limited to 5,000 pieces; the 1/4-ounce gold Proof issue is composed of 92% gold, costs 505 €, and has a mintage limit of 1,000 units; and the 1-ounce gold Proof coin is composed of 99.9% gold, costs 2,000 €, and will have a production run of 500.

For more information on these and other new releases from the Monnaie de Paris, please visit the Mint’s Web site.

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