The Perth Mint’s June 2016 Silver Coin Releases


The Perth Mint has unveiled its new releases for June, including four silver issues. The first is a one-kilo (32 oz.) 99.9% silver Proof Australian Kookaburra coin, which has a mintage limited to 500 units and is available for $1,590.91 AUD ($1,184.71 USD).


Designed by Natasha Muhl, the coin measures 100.60 mm in diameter and 14.40 mm thick. It’s monetary denomination is 30 dollars.


Also new this month is the Dirk Hartog Australian Landing 1616-2016 Silver Proof High Relief Coin, which is composed of an ounce of 99.99% silver and has a mintage limited to 3,000. This coin commemorates the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog’s arrival in Australia aboard the Eendracht, which was the first documented European landing in Australia, according to a press release. Designed by Wade Robinson, the Dirk Hartog coin measures 32.60 mm in diameter, 6 mm thick, and is available for $99.09 AUD ($73.79).


The 2016 Norse Gods – Thor Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin is composed of two ounces of 99.9% silver and has a mintage limited to 2,000 pieces. This is the second coin in the Mint’s three-coin “Norse Gods” series; the previous issue featured Odin and sold out in three weeks. Available for $180.91 AUD ($132.93 USD), the Thor coin has a diameter of 40.50 mm, a thickness of 6 mm, and carries an antique finish. Ing Ing Jong served as the designer.


Finally, the 2016 Australian Silver Kangaroo Silver Gilded Edition Coin, which is composed of an ounce of 99.99% silver, with 24-karat gold applied to the central kangaroo motif. Available for $90 AUD, the coin measures 40.60 mm in diameter, 4 mm thick, and has a mintage limited to 5,000 pieces.

All of these issues are accompanied by certificates of authenticity. For more information on new releases from the Perth Mint, please visit the Mint’s Web site.

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  1. Broooster says

    Honestly surprised Thor is still available, I think he is more popular than Odin and he sold out rather fast.

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