Canada Releases Tiger and Dragon Ying and Yang Silver Coin


The Royal Canadian Mint has issued the 2016 Tiger and Dragon Ying and Yang Silver Coin, which is available for $98.88 CAD and has a mintage limited to 6,888 pieces. This issue has a square hole in its center, in keeping with an ancient Chinese minting tradition that included a round or square hole — referencing the universe or the earth, respectively — so that coins to be tied together for easy storage and transport. A press release points out that this is only the second square-holed coin ever produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, the first having been issued in 2007.


The reverse design features a depiction of a tiger and a dragon preparing to clash with one another. The tiger takes an aggressive stance while the dragon maintains a defensive posture, illustrating opposite or complimentary approaches symbolized by the yinyang symbol placed at the top. Inscribed on this side of the coin are CANADA 2016 and 8 DOLLARS. The eight dollar denomination and the unusual mintage limit were chosen because “eight” is the luckiest number in Chinese.


The obverse bears an image of Queen Elizabeth II along with two phoenixes located on either side of the coin’s square hole. Inscribed on this side of the coin are ELIZABETH II and D.G. REGINA, an abbreviation for the Latin, “By the Grace of God, Queen.” Both sides of the coin were designed by Charles Vinh, but the effigy of the Queen was created by Susanna Blunt.

The 2016 Tiger and Dragon Ying and Yang Silver Coin is composed of 20.86 g of 99.99% silver, measures 36 mm in diameter, and features a Proof finish. The item has an order limit of two per household and is currently wait-listed on its product page; for more information, please visit the Web site of the Royal Canadian Mint. You can also watch a short promotional video for the coin below.

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  1. Tom P. - MA says

    Kind of off topic, but has anyone else noticed the huge amount of Privy marked 1 ounce silver Maple Leafs being put out this year? Usually there are 2 or 3, but so far this year there are a bunch, all with 50,000 mintages. Panda, monkey, bigfoot, mark v tank, yin yang, grizzly, wolf and 4 leaf clover.

  2. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Yup.., Privy’s have been way over done this year.

    Prov seems to have exclusive rights to the Tank
    APMEX rights to the Panda
    JMB rights to the Howlers
    And so on…

    It’s like “Get your Privy On” in Year 2016

    I put my money on the Panda Privy – the design was very well done in relief with two-tone frosting; thinking that one should be the Winner of the Privy posses. APMEX even vacuum sealed each one in plastic – Love That!

  3. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Just picked up my coin hole Ying & Yang.., really like the design, plus it has sentimental value having lived and traveled extensively in Asia. Talisman $74 + S&H.

    Nicely done design to go with my other square peg holed coins

  4. Louis says

    Got mine for $70 from Gatewest, and they are going like hot cakes, selling out everywhere!

  5. Mister Kairu says

    Has anyone heard anything about the regular proof Wedge Tailed Eagles for 2016? They usually were on sale this time of year in the past years but nothing this year. Also on topic, it is a very nice coin but a little too “out there” in regards to the rest of my collection.

  6. Louis says

    I have not heard anything yet about the regular proof WTE.

    My order from Gatewest Coins with the yin and yang coin shipped today. The RCM seems to be getting new issues in stock a lot sooner as this is the third time I ordered from the Mint or from a Canadian dealer recently, and the order shipped within days.

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