Swiss Mint Releases Gold Gotthard Tunnel Coin and “Brass Band” Silver Issue


Today, May 26, the Swiss Mint has released two new commemorative coins featuring the soon-to-be completed Gotthard Tunnel and Switzerland’s famous brass bands, respectively. While the brass bands issue is composed of 83.5% silver, the “Gottardo” coin follows up on a silver piece released in January with a new reverse design and a 90% gold composition.


Seventeen years in the making, the Gotthard Tunnel will be the world’s largest train tunnel when it opens on June 1 and will allow trains to travel through the Alps from Zurich to Lugano in under three hours. While the silver issue‘s reverse carried a depiction of the tunnel’s north portal in Erstfeld, Switzerland, the gold coin features an image of the south portal in Bordio. Inscribed on the reverse is GOTTARDO and 2016; Fredy Trümpi served as the designer.

The obverse of the gold Gotthard Tunnel coin carries the inscriptions CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA, or “Swiss Federation,” along with the year and the denomination of 50 francs. It weighs 11.29 grams and measures 25 mm in diameter. Available for 580 Swiss francs, the coin’s mintage limit has been set at 4,500 coins.


Today’s silver release is dedicated to the brass bands of Switzerland, which have been an intrinsic part of the nation’s culture for hundreds of years. Available for 25 francs, this coin weighs 20 grams and measures 33 mm in diameter. It was designed by Remo Mascherini and has a mintage limited to 5,000 pieces.


The reverse features an image of a tuba with sheet music stretching across the background. Inscribed in the field are BLASMUSIK (“Brass music”) and FANFARES. The coin shares its obverse design with the Gotthard Tunnel issue, except that the face value of this coin is listed as 20 francs.

For more information on gold and silver collector coins from the Swiss Mint, please visit the Mint’s Web site.

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