Canada’s 50th Anniversary of Star Trek Coin Collection

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Royal Canadian Mint President and CEO Sandra Hanington and actor William Shatner unveil the first coin in a new collection celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, Ontario on May 12, 2016.

Last week the Royal Canadian Mint launched a diverse series of coins celebrating 50 years of Star Trek. Captain Kirk himself, actor William Shatner, was on hand to aid Mint President and CEO Sandra Hanington in the unveiling of the issues, which include several silver coins with varying denominations and a $200 gold issue modeled after the Delta Shield insignia worn by the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

“For 50 years,” said Hanington, “Star Trek captured the imagination of countless fans by entertaining us while opening our eyes to the possibilities of science and the wonders of our vast universe. The Mint is proud to celebrate a cultural phenomenon that has carved a space in the hearts and minds of Canadians and fellow Star Trek fans all over Planet Earth.”

First, the Mint is offering a subscription that includes four half-ounce 99.99% silver Proof coins that each feature an Enterprise crew-member with a piece of technology employed on the show. Each coin has a mintage limit of 12,500 pieces and can be purchased for $54.95 CAD.

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The first coin, featuring Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise, is now available.

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The second issue, carrying an image of Scotty and a communicator, will be released on July 5.

canada 2016 star trek $10 uhuruSMALL

The third coin features Officer Uhura with a tricorder and will be issued on August 2.

canada 2016 star trek $10 spockSMALL

The last coin in this subscription series will carry an image of Spock with a phaser; it will be released on September 6.

canada 2016 star trek $20 face value bSMALL

Two silver coins dedicated to the U.S.S. Enterprise are also available. The first continues the Royal Canadian Mint’s “$20 for $20” coin series, which sells 99.99% silver coins at the cost of their face value. This $20 coin is composed of one-quarter ounce of silver and has a mintage limited to 300,000 pieces.

canada 2016 star trek $20 enterprise single coinSMALL

The other Enterprise coin carries a full color image of the ship sailing near a distant planet. This Proof coin is composed of an ounce of 99.99% silver, costs $109.95 CAD, and has a mintage limit of 11,500 units.

The Mint has also launched a subscription series of $20 coins featuring color images of classic scenes from the original series. The coins are composed of one ounce of 99.99% silver, cost $109.95, and have mintages limited to 11,500 coins each.

canada 2016 star trek $20 city sceneSMALL

The first issue includes an image from “City on the Edge of Forever” and is now available.

canada 2016 star trek $20 mirror sceneSMALL

The second coin features an image from “Mirror Mirror” and will be released on September 6.

canada 2016 star trek $20 tribble sceneSMALL

The last coin in the three-coin subscription series carries an image from “The Trouble with Tribbles” and will be issued on October 4.

canada 2016 star trek $20 aSMALL

All of these coins carry Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as an obverse design, along with the inscriptions ELIZABETH II and D.G. REGINA.

canada 2016 star trek $200 aBOTH

Finally, the Mint will release an unusual gold coin modeled after the Delta Shield insignia worn by members of the crew aboard the Enterprise. This coin will be composed of 16.2 grams of 99.99% gold and will cost $1299.95 CAD. Scheduled for release on September 6, its production will be capped at 1,500 coins.

For more information on Canada’s 50th Anniversary of Star Trek coins, please visit the Web site of the Royal Canadian Mint.

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