“Monuments of Russia” Series Features Shoanin Christian Temple Silver Coin


The Central Bank of Russia has released a new silver Proof commemorative coin in its Monuments of Russia series, which features some of the region’s most historically and architecturally significant structures. The new coin highlights the Shoanin Ancient Christian Temple in the Karachaevo-Cherkessian Republic, located between Ukraine and Georgia.


The reverse features an image of the temple surrounded by mountains, with two birds soaring high in the background. The inscriptions are composed of Russian characters that translate to SHOANIN ANCIENT CHRISTIAN TEMPLE Х-ХI cc. and KARACHAEVO-CHERKESSIAN REPUBLIC. This side of the coin was designed by A.D. Schablykin and sculpted by E.A. Tolzin.

Schablykin said of the design process: “I haven’t been to Karachaevo-Cherkessia, therefore I had to use photographic materials. But I have been to the Caucasian Mountains. I wanted to express the beauty of the mountains, the volumes of vastness, the air transparency, the feeling of quietness and highness of the place where an ascetic ancient Christian monastery was built, with only mountain eagles flying above it”.


The obverse design features the National Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation with Russian inscriptions that translate to RUSSIAN FEDERATION, BANK OF RUSSIA, 3 RUBLES, and 2016 г. Also included in the field is the metal content (Ag 925) and the mint mark of the Moscow Mint. E.V. Kramskaya designed this side of the coin and A.A. Dolgopolova served as the sculptor.

This issue weighs 33.94 grams and has a diameter of 39 mm. Only 3,000 coins bearing this design will be struck. Distribution of this coin outside of Russia is limited, but some vendors are offering individual pieces on eBay. For more information on the Monuments of Russia series, please visit the Web site of the Central Bank of Russia.

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