Finland to Release Gold Coin Honoring Poet Eino Leino

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The Mint of Finland will soon issue new Proof coins paying tribute to one of the country’s greatest writers, Eino Leino (1878-1926). The coins will be available as gold and clad commemorative coins, as well as standard 2-euro Uncirculated issues.

The gold coin is composed of 5.65 grams of 91.7% gold, measures 22 mm in diameter, and has a mintage limited to 5,000 pieces. 100 of these coins will be numbered. The price of the issue has not been established, but the Mint will start taking pre-orders on April 25 in preparation for the official release on May 9.


The obverse design, created by Pertti Mäkinenis, is shared by the gold issue and the clad coins. It features a stylized profile image of Leino, with figurative flames extending upward to represent his artistic vitality. His signature, EINO LEINO, is inscribed near the rim.

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The gold coin’s reverse features an image of the poet on one of his habitual morning walks, according the item’s product page. A morning star is situated near the top of the design along the rim. Inscribed on this side of the coin are 100 €, 2016, FINLAND, and SUOMI, which is Finnish for “Finland.”


The clad commemorative Proof coin can now be pre-ordered for 24 €. Rolls of Uncirculated strikes are also available. Although these issues carry the same obverse image as the gold version, the reverse carries the standard 2-euro design.

The Proof commemorative coin will have a mintage limited to 11,000 pieces, while the Uncirculated issue will be capped at 989,000 coins. The clad coins will be released on April 25.

Eino Leino was a poet and journalist who published more than 70 books. He was also a noted translator who translated Dante’s Divine Comedy into Finnish for the first time. For more information on Proof and Uncirculated coins featuring Eino Leino, please visit the Mint of Finland’s Web site.

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