Royal British Mint Issues New “Queen’s Beasts” Gold and Silver Bullion Coins


The Royal British Mint has announced the release of an impressive new series of gold and silver bullion coins entitled “The Queen’s Beasts.” The series will pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II by depicting various heraldic animals symbolizing strains of her ancestry.

The first design, created by Jody Clark, will be available on one-ounce and 1/4-ounce gold coins, as well as on two-ounce silver issues. The one-ounce gold coins can be purchased now from authorized bullion dealers, while the others issues are expected shortly.


The obverse features an image of a heraldic lion, one of ten creatures representing the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II that were rendered as six-foot sculptures for the occasion of her coronation in 1953. Other heraldic creatures represented by the statues included the griffin, falcon, bull, yale, greyhound, dragon, unicorn and horse. Inscribed along the rim of the coin are LION OF ENGLAND, 1 OZ, FINE GOLD, 999.9, and 2016.


The obverse features an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with the inscriptions ELIZABETH II, D.G. REG. F.D., and 100 POUNDS.


Mintage details are still sketchy and it will be interesting to see whether the Mint strikes enough of these coins to keep their costs close to spot value, especially as regards the 2 oz. silver version. Updates will be added to this post as more information becomes available.

For more information on the Royal Mint’s new “Queen’s Beasts” bullion series, please visit the Mint’s Web site.

Correction: An unfinished draft of this article was previously posted on 3/28; the post has since been updated. 

Update, 4/1/16: Early reports from the Royal Mint indicate that these coins will not be given a mintage limit and will be produced according to demand. 

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  1. Calvin G. says

    Nice coins!..anybody know all the mintage numbers yet? At less than 1275 at ampex, I would guess a high number over 20,000. Let us know please, Nothing on RM web site yet.

  2. Ernesto says

    Definitely love the reverse design. Will be getting the silver version as soon as I find a dealer that carries them.

  3. mark says

    Might grab a few silvers if price is close to spot…. But i prefer the Privateers..Limited mintage/high relief/and no Queen.

  4. Erik H says

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen this many post on the “World Mint News Blog” site in a very long time. That says a lot about these coins!

  5. Mister Kairu says

    I love the design of lion. Kinda too bad they are 2oz (so they won’t fit in my custom Dansco album) but still will need to try and get one of each depending on price! Anyone see where they could be bought at?

  6. Ernesto says

    I’ve been checking several online coin dealers for the silver version but nothing so far. Anyone know of a dealer that is selling the silver version in the United States?

  7. KCSO says

    The more I read of the Quedn’s Beast.., the more I’m enthused to see some amazing designs

  8. Louis says

    UK buyers can order them now from the Royal Mint, but the rest of us will have to wait til our dealers get them.

  9. Ernesto says

    I have checked with APMEX, Provident Metals, Gainesville Coins, Modern Coin Mart, & Mint Products. So far not one of them has indicated they would be carrying the 2 oz silver coins. They just say keep checking back.

  10. Ernesto says

    Got one on Ebay. $68 bucks. More than I would normally spend but no one seems to be selling them.

  11. KCSO says

    Any domestic dealers offering the silver other than ebay at $70/coin?

    Anyone found anything?

  12. Xena says

    KSCO – I’ve been checking periodically and haven’t seen much out there. My understanding is that they are mint to demand, so should be plenty of them.

  13. KCSO says

    Yes, mint to demand, so there should be, just not seeing it. I’ve called and email the dealers that are currently carrying the gold, and they don’t anticiape carrying the silver, crazy!

    I might just order directly from the mint.

    You pick up any yet?

  14. Xena says

    KSCO – not yet, already busted the March and April budget. But May is a new month! Will likely order from the UK Mint when they are back in stock (maybe their notification system actually works), although now wish i had when silver was $15. Maybe they’ll be back in stock before the Harper’s Ferry roadtrip and we can combine shipping.

  15. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    Yeah, I hear ya on the “when silver was $15” I so love this design and think this will be be Winners, obviously hugely successful in the UK already,

    How may do you you really want? Or how many rolls had you you planned to buy?

    In the last 24 hours, I had decided to pick some up though if if I sold some off, it would just be to collectors, not re-sellers.

    I recall the price breaks being 2 tubes or 5 tubes of 10 each

  16. KCSO says

    Oops, I meant to say ‘coins’

    I set up an account the RM last night to buy direct, the silver and 1/4 are currently unavailable.

  17. Xena says

    Thanks KCSO. Never heard of them. You going that route or direct from the UK Mint?

  18. KCSO says

    Not sure yet, almost pulled the trigger on a couple yesterday though Still grappling with the mark up.

    I may go the direct route though that depends on the price point that the RM offers them at and the associated price breaks, I suspect shipping will be higher as well. I expect the SLQ on the 26th or early June so it’s getting real expensive. If I go direct, you’re welcome to buy two off of me at cost as I’ll probably be forced to get a roll or two.

    The $14 lbs shipping above, do you recall if that was a flat rate or graduated up on the number bought?

  19. Xena says

    KSCO: Don’t remember how many that would apply to. I don’t have an account yet, so can fill up a cart with other stuff to see how it comes out. But their website says:

    International: All orders All international orders will be delivered by DHL Express worldwide. Prices start from £14.00 with delivery within 2-5 working days after despatch from The Royal Mint depending on destination. Delivery charges are dependent on destination, weight and size of the parcel(s).

    Hey – just realized Coin Shoppe is priced in Canadian. They are $55.74 each with credit card and $10 shipping. 2% discount if you order 10 or more. Free shipping over US$233. Going to put my order for a couple in tonight unless you’re going for the discount and free shipping.

  20. KCSO says

    Hey thanks, I’m going to give it another two weeks and see what comes along, too much costing too much right now 😔

  21. KCSO says

    You work near the Mint kiosk? I need pick a few things up and need to check with Louis when he might be headed in

  22. Xena says

    KSCO – sorry, been AFK/distracted for a few days. Expected release date is May 18th according to their website. I will definitely report as soon as I have it.

    I am 3 or 4 metro stops from the Mint. Some days at work are crazy, some quieter – so depends on the day.

  23. KCSO says

    You did well, the coin shoppe is now SO, congrats.

    I was going to place an order with them, so now I’ll wait. Prices are beginning to soften, but there’s seems to be strong demand remaining

  24. lu says

    I buying these in China at 22 pounds a coin, have my testing kit, they are all good and all come in sleeves, Chinese dont really buy them as they dont understand what they are or anything about them.
    Its a shame really because they really are a beautiful coin.
    i buy without fancy premium boxes and VAT free, it still annoys me that peeps in uk have to pay tax on silver but others dont, seems hardly fair

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