Poland’s New Silver Coin Marks Anniversary of WWII Cichociemni Paratroopers


The National Bank of Poland has released a new silver Proof collector coin dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the first drop of the Cichociemni paratroopers. The Cichociemni were an elite force of Polish troops trained in the United Kingdom during the German occupation of Poland in World War II. Although hundreds eventually parachuted into Poland for covert operations against the Germans, only three paratroopers were included in initial drop.


The reverse of the coin features a symbol of “fighting poland” encircled by a wreath. The field is filled with 316 birds representing the 316 Cichociemni paratroopers. Three larger birds are engraved at the bottom of the design near the edge; they stand for the three paratroopers who participated in the first deployment. Inscribed along the rim is 75 ROCZNICA PIERWSZEGO ZRZUTU CICHOCIEMNYCH, Polish for “75th Anniversary of the first Cichociemni jump.”


The obverse features an image of a paratrooper and of the state emblem of Poland, the eagle. Arches along the rim create the effect of looking down on an open parachute. This side of the coin bears the inscriptions RZECZPOSOPOLITA POLSKA (“Republic of Poland”), 2016, and the denomination, 10 ZL.

The coin is composed of 14.14 grams (1/2 oz.) of silver that is 92.5% pure and features a Proof finish, with a mintage limited to 15,000 pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included in the packaging.

Distribution of the coin outside of Poland is limited. Secondary market purveyors are offering the issue on sites such as eBay for around $60-$100 USD. For more information on the 2016 Cichociemni Paratroopers Silver Proof Coin, please visit the National Bank of Poland.

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