France Debuts “Paris Treasures” Series with Opéra Garnier Silver Coins


Two new coins honoring France’s famous Opéra Garnier have been released by the Monniae de Paris to launch the Mint’s “Paris’ Treasures” series. The coins are composed of 90% silver and share obverse and reverse designs; collectors can choose from a 10€ silver Proof coin that weighs 22.2 grams and costs 78€, and a 50€ silver Proof coin that weighs five ounces and costs 470€. The Opera Garnier, also known as the Palais Garnier, is one of the most famous opera houses in the world.

10041300900000 16 opera 50euro 5oz SMALL

The obverse includes features of the Opéra Garnier, including the building’s facade, gilded statues affixed to the roof, and sheet music over a theatrical curtain. Inscribed on this side of the coins is OPERA GARNIER and RF for “République Française.”

10041300910000 16 opera 10euro ag be BOTH

The reverses of these issues feature a stylized, modern rendering of the map of Paris, with the River Seine curving through the center of the image. Inscribed along the rim are TRESORS DE PARIS (“Treasures of Paris”), 2016, and a denomination of either 10 EURO or 50 EURO. The 10€ coin has a mintage limited to 3,000 pieces, while only 250 of the 50€ issue will be sold.

The “Paris’ Treasures” series aims to release two coins per year featuring some of the most iconic buildings in Paris. For more information on the 2016 “Paris Treasures” Opera Garnier silver coins, please visit the Web site of the Monnaie de Paris.

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  1. Ernesto says

    I agree with both Louis & John we need. US definitely needs to come up with these kind of designs. Reverse design not near the artistic quality as the obverse. In my opinion of course.

  2. Louis says

    I agree the reverse pales compared to the obverse, but I want to see it in hand. Ordered one yesterday from a French seller on eBay I have used many times.

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