Canada Issues Batman v. Superman Silver Series

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a series of silver coins in the run up to the March 25 release of the film, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

supersilver trinitySMALL

First is “The Trinity,” a coin composed of 31.83 grams of 99.99% silver. This issue carries a Proof finish, measures 40 mm in diameter, and has a mintage limited to 12,500 pieces.

Its reverse features images of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, along with the inscriptions 20 DOLLARS and 2016. The retail price for the coin is $109.95 CAD.

super silver 20 small

The Mint has also released the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice $20 for $20 Fine Silver Coin, which is available for its face value of $20 and has a mintage limited to 300,000 pieces. This issue is composed of 7.96 grams of 99.99% silver and measures 27 mm in diameter.

The reverse bears an image of Batman and Superman in conflict, with the inscriptions 2016, FINE SILVER 9999 ARGENT PUR, and 20 DOLLARS inscribed along the rim of the coin.

supersilver 2 ozSMALL

Next, we have a 2 oz. Fine Silver Proof Coin that is also composed of 99.99% silver. This issue measures 54 mm in diameter and has a mintage limited to 7,000 pieces. The reverse features images of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, with the inscriptions 2016 and 30 DOLLARS inscribed in the field. This coin is available for $189.95.

supersilver subBETTER

Finally, the Royal Canadian Mint has launched a four-coin subscription which includes four 1/2 oz. 99.99% silver coins, each priced a $49.95. There reverses in this series include a Batman v. Superman logo, an image of Superman, an image of Batman, or an image of Wonder Woman. Inscribed on this side of the coins are 10 DOLLARS and 2016. This subscription program is limited to 15,000 sets.


The obverses of these coins carry Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the inscriptions ELIZABETH II and D.G. REGINA.

For more information on silver collector coins featuring Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice, please visit the Web site of the Royal Canadian Mint. You can also watch a short promotional video for the 2 oz. issue below.

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