Canada Unveils New Gold “Call of the Wild” and Silver “Predator” Bullion Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint unveiled two new bullion coins today at the 2016 World Money Fair in Berlin: the 2016 Roaring Grizzly 1 oz. gold coin, which continues Canada’s “Call of the Wild” series, and the 2016 Cougar 1 oz. silver coin, which is to be the first in a new four-coin series entitled “Predator.”


The Roaring Grizzly is composed of an ounce of gold that is 99.999% pure; its $200 denomination gives it the distinction of having the highest face value of any 1 ounce gold bullion coin in the world. This coin comes in “credit-card” style packaging and will be minted to demand.

Designed by Pierre Leduc, the reverse bears an image of a grizzly bear, with curved lines in the background symbolizing the sound waves generated by the animal’s powerful roar. Inscribed along the rim are CANADA, FINE GOLD, 99999, 1 OZ, and OR PUR (“pure gold” in French).


The 2016 Cougar coin is composed of an ounce of silver that is 99.99% pure and has a mintage limited to 1 million coins. The reverse image features an image of a cougar leaping after its prey with the inscriptions CANADA, 9999, FINE SILVER, 1 OZ, and ARGENT PUR (“pure silver”) included along the rim. Radial lines extend outward from the center of the design, which was created by Emily Damstra.

The reverses of these issues carry a small maple leaf design that is micro-engraved for security purposes. These issues will be available from the Royal Canadian Mint’s authorized purchasers shortly. For more information on the Royal Canadian Mint’s bullion program, please visit its Web site.

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  1. GoldFishin says

    I really like the “Call of the Wild” designs and would have been collecting the series if not for the credit card style packaging. I would prefer to have them in a capsule and I know I could do that myself, but it would hurt the resale value of the coin if I took it out of the RCM packaging.

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