2016 UK “The Army” £2 Gold and Silver Coins

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The Royal British Mint has issued four varieties of its 2016 “The Army” £2 collector coins, available in gold Proof, silver Proof, silver Proof Piedfort, and Brilliant Uncirculated options. These coins continue the Mint’s ongoing series created in observance of the centenary of World War I. The design’s theme highlights the British “Pals Battalions” of the time, which encouraged young men to volunteer for the Army by allowing them to serve alongside friends and neighbors.


The reverse of the coins features a “Futurist” design created by Tim Sharp and showcases the silhouettes of three soldiers. Inscribed along the rim are THE FIRST WORLD WAR, 1914-1918, and 2016. The obverse carries Jody Clark’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with ELIZABETH II, D.G. REGINA, and the monetary denomination inscribed along the rim. All of the coins bear the edge inscription, FOR KING AND COUNTRY.

The gold version of this coin, pictured above, is composed of 15.97 grams of 22-karat (91.67%) gold and has a mintage limited to 950 pieces. Only 750 of the issue will be sold individually in a limited edition presentation case for £695.00.



The silver Proof coin costs £60.00 and is composed of 12 grams of .925 sterling silver. The outer rim of the issue is plated in fine gold. Up to 5,000 pieces of this coin are available in a limited edition presentation case, but the maximum coin mintage has been set at 8,500, as this issue is available as part of a Royal Mint Proof set.

The silver Proof Piedfort issue is similiar to the regular Proof issue, but is struck at double thickness. This issue costs £100 and weighs 24 grams; 2,500 coins will be sold individually and the maximum mintage for the issue is 5,000.



Finally, the Brilliant Uncirculated version is composed of 12 grams of cupro nickel and nickel brass. It has no listed mintage limit and is available for £10.00

All four versions of the 2016 “The Army” £2 collector coins are accompanied by a historical booklet. For more information on these and other coins offered by the Royal British Mint, please visit the Mint’s Web site.

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