2016 Mexican Libertad Magnificent Seven Set


There is good news and bad news on the libertad front.

The good news: the seven-coin Proof set mintage remains fixed at 250 sets, signaling that this series has legs.

The bad news: 250 sets.

This year’s set featuring the 5 oz, 2 oz, 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz silver Proof libertad coins has come and gone already. As with the previous two years, this hyper-rare set is limited to 250 sets and, unless you have a contact with one of the sellers who gets their limited sets directly from the mint, the secondary market will have to serve as the marketplace.

As the past two years have shown, demand for libertads — and in particular silver Proof libertads — remains in an orbit of its own, tethered neither to precious metals or politics, thanks to the rabid, treasure-hunting collectors of these beautiful coins.


Message boards that posted availability in comment threads or through email invitations had a roughly two-hour window, after which the seven-coin set exited the collector’s sphere of availability and moved into its expected “wish I’d gotten that before it went up” status. The 2014 set seems to have settled into the $1,200-$1,400 range, while last year’s set hovers between $900 and $1,100. Boxes and COA’s drive the prices on these sets up significantly, as they can be put together raw without the 250-set limitation, for hundreds of dollars less.

One interesting area that libertad value has ballooned in the past year has been the silver fractionals. The 1/4 ounce silver Proof, which could be found for $20-$40 a few years ago, now goes for $125-$300 graded in 69 or 70, and raw examples (depending on the year) have gone for upwards of $1,000. Collectors seem to have caught on that the mintage of the silver fractional sets are minuscule and that quarters with naked angels on the front are just as enjoyable to collect as those featuring George Washington.

This is just the start of the year in liberated news, so there is plenty of time for everyone to get in on the action. To those of you who have already secured your Magnificent Seven Proof set: sit back and enjoy your victory e-cigars.

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  1. Eric says

    As usual your keeping us on top of the libertads news,
    wonder what the numbers will be for total mintage?

  2. Chris Lehr says

    Super happy to have seen one of those threads and got my order in for the third year in a row.

  3. Mark says

    Last 2015 set sold on ebay for $775.00….buy if you like them for now… not much profit for flipping considering the risk of shipping.

  4. Chris Lehr says

    Mark – 2015 was a higher proof mintage than 2014. Either way, that’s still a 50% increase on cost if sold at 775.

  5. Gabriel says

    Mark- that price is an outlier and represents the non-COA sets. The lowest one on eBay with the box and COA is around 900$.

  6. FLKeith says

    Don’t forget ebay and paypal fees. You’ll likely have $100 in fees by the time it’s sold on ebay.

  7. mark says

    @Chris….I see you never sold on ebay before. $775-10% ebay fees = $700-3% paypal fees=$675-shipping and insurance leaves you about $650 profit. And 2016 mintage will be higher than 2015. .good luck.

  8. mark says

    @Gabriel…no outliner…the most recent 2015 7 coin set with box and coa sold for $775. You can ask all you want on ebay…$900 $1000 $1500..but i do not see any selling for those prices.

  9. KCSO says

    Thanks Gabriel, I’ve very much enjoyed your Libertad articles over the past few years. Secured another Mag 7 this year.., though I really would like a Kilo Proof-Like for my collection, as a capstone centerpiece.

    Would very much appreciate an article on the history of the PL – Best Regards

  10. says

    The 2014 appears to be the choice right now on most of the Libertad Sets. There was a NGC 70-Proof set that sold for $1895.00 from PCGS Rarties on Ebay. Lasted 3 days at that price as Ebay gave him a 5% off they ate. It was for 1999.99

    The key here is the Trend, and times for the bank of Mexico. Those seem to be the key indicators. 2014 was fluke. They intended to mint a whole lot more, but got behind on stuff for some odd reason. I’m predicting similar numbers from 2015 and 1 million bullion coins. (Barring they get behind) but I love the design of the coins, and love them even more when they produce lower numbers because it drives up the demand.

    The ballpark winner for 2015 was the Reverse Proof Set, and wonder if its going to return for 2016 in a limited run. That will be a question I’d like to know from anyone who may know. That was home run and I don’t see them not doing another run. The only question is When? How Many? and Who’s Releasing them First?

  11. calin says

    I was told by an AMPEX Rep this month that yes, once again, AMPEX & Banco De Mexico WILL do another LE Reverse Proof Boxed Set…it should be out very soon(she didn’t know any dates)..the thing is, on day 1 last year, on AMPEX, the 2015 RP sets STARTED at $199…within an hour, jumped to $399…by the next day, they were $499, and, ended at I believe $529…those who get alerts should do well, if they move FAST.

  12. says

    I have one on order and I have some spare 2oz and 5oz proofs coming. All eyes will be on mintages this year after last year. My guess is that they have arranged so many limited editions of 500 or 1000 that the mintages may be up. The 2015 values are still ok though clearly mintages of +50% to +100% must have an effect and also the fiasco with the gold BU cant have helped at all.

    I cant see the 2oz and the 5oz having a higher mintage and it might be lower than 2016. I can see the 1oz having a higher mintage if it is in more sets than last year.

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