2016 “Australia’s First Mints” Gold and Silver Coins


The Royal Australian Mint has released new coins emulating Australian sovereigns produced by the country’s first Mints. Early Australian branches of the Royal (British) Mint were established in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, in the years 1855, 1872, and 1899, respectively. The Royal Australian Mint was not established until 1965.

Each of Australia’s mints had a distinctive single-letter mint mark: “S” for Sydney, “M” for Melbourne, and “P” for Perth. The current gold and silver reissues carry a “C” mint mark, as the Royal Australian Mint is based in Canberra, Australia. A four-coin Uncirculated Set containing issues bearing replicas of each of the four Australian mint marks is also available.

210464_D_Obverse of 2016 Ten DollarsBOTH

The 10-dollar gold piece costs $300 and is composed of 1/10 oz. of 99.99% gold. It measures 17.53 mm in diameter, carries a Proof finish, and has a mintage limited to 1,000 coins.

The reverse approximates that of a pre-decimal sovereign, and includes the inscriptions ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT, AUSTRALIA, TEN DOLLARS, and the Royal Australian Mint’s “C” mint mark. The obverse bears Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with the inscriptions ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, and 2016 placed along the rim.

210462_D_Obverse of 2016 One DollarBOTH

The one-dollar silver coin is available for $50 and is composed of 11.66 grams of 99.9% silver. It measures 25 mm in diameter, carries a Proof finish, and has a mintage limited to 5,000 coins.

The silver coin’s reverse is identical to that of the gold coin, except that the denomination is listed as ONE DOLLAR. The coins share an obverse design.

310887_D_Packaging of 2016 One Dollar Uncirculated Four CoinSMALL

310887_D_Reverse of 2016 ALL

This series also features a four-coin Uncirculated set, available for $25. This set includes Uncirculated dollars carrying “S”, “M”, and “P” privy marks in honor of Australia’s earliest mints, as well as one coin bearing the Royal Australian Mint’s “C” mint mark. The coins in this set also share an obverse with the gold and silver issues.

For more information on coins in the “Australia’s First Mints” series, please visit the Royal Australian Mint’s Web site.

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    These coins are must have for die-hard coin collectors as well as serious numismatists in the world!

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