Canada’s 2016 Silver Maple Leaf “Wolf” Bullion Coins Sell Out in 41 Days

The Royal Canadian Mint has reported that it has sold all 50,000 of its 2016 “Wild Canada” Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins featuring a “Wolf” privy mark and a Reverse Proof finish. The Mint sells its bullion issues to a network of authorized buyers, who then make the coins available to the public.

A press release notes that available inventory for the issue was claimed by buyers in 41 days, far faster than the Mint had anticipated. It is the first of six planned “Wild Canada” privy-marked Silver Maple Leaf bullion releases, with the next issue — featuring a grizzly bear mark — due to be be sold in early 2016.


The coins are composed of an ounce of silver that is 99.99% pure. The reverse design features a large Maple Leaf at its center, with CANADA, 9999 FINE SILVER, 1 OZ, and 9999 ARGENT PUR (French for “Pure Silver”) inscribed along the rim. Its exclusive privy mark portrays a wolf howling and is placed below the leaf on the left.


The obverse bears Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with the inscriptions ELIZABETH II, the denomination of 5 DOLLARS, and 2016 included in the field.


A close-up of the reverse’s privy mark is provided above. For more information on the Royal Canadian Mint’s bullion Program, please visit its Web site.  The 2016 Canada 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Wolf Privy Reverse Proof coin can be purchased from authorized distributors like APMEX. A short 2014 promotional video for Silver Maple Leaf coins can be viewed below:

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  1. GoldFishin says

    Update on GOLD, GLD…..if you look at a daily chart 30 day timeframe or more, you can clearly see that a flag(pennant has now formed). Which way will it breakout, up or down? If the market remains weak, and financial trouble resurfaces, it will most likely break out to the upside. My target based on the consolidation pattern would be 123-126 on GLD.
    IF it breaks down and closes decisively below 114, party is over for a little while.
    There’s the trade setup….
    Just giving you this info for your personal interest in learning more….I don’t normally trade GLD or SLV, the overnight action in ASIA is just too unpredictable. But IF I were thinking about a trade, one of the 3X etf’s is a good way to trade it, or GLD to be more conservative. Premiums on options for PM’s are normally too high to bother with them.

  2. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- the following post is what I wrote to respond to your enquiry from earlier today. I hesitate to post it on the regular thread because of all the flipper/lurkers….but IF you think I should just this once I will.
    I don’t know IF you ever read my posts(check the dates) about gold, but seems to be playing out pretty much as the charts were indicating. However, I am expecting some kind of pull back at some point. I think it quickly became an overcrowded trade and normally when that happens, the market has a way of thinning the herd.

  3. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- As we discussed before….I am always looking for a few things for how an offering will perform longer term. I have abbreviated it for easier remembrance to the 4 D’s. These are not in any order and the order doesn’t really matter. I believe you need all 4 D’s for a gold offering and at least 3 for a silver offering. I can’t really comment on clad offerings, but the same 4 D’s need apply to them as well IMO.

    1 Design – How unique or popular a design is with collectors.
    2 Desirability- How collectors respond with their wallet to an offering.
    3 Distribution- A mintage which ultimately falls short of collector demand, either because of low mintage or because of a surprise sellout or quick sellout, high premium relative to spot, etc.
    4 Designation- How graded examples perform in the aftermarket in the long term. This would include potential error or special designation coins that have more than just a few examples…for example the PL designation in the 2009 UHR, 2014 Kennedy EU DMPL, or the 2015 HR Liberty PL. An example of an error would be the 2008 Rev of 2007 ASE. In my opinion, longer term OGP performance is a result of graded performance in most cases, but not always. (I know that is a controversial statement, but I fervently believe it to be true).

    The saturation of US Mint offerings has made it almost imperative that all 4 D’s be met for ultimate longer term performance. They don’t come along often and when they do, many collectors are left to watch and wish they had the foresight or the luck to get in on the offering.

    So, ask yourself….would these things apply to whatever offering I am contemplating? IF they do and you have a chance, don’t hesitate, just buy them if you can obtain them at a good price(hopefully offering price) and see what happens.

  4. KCSO says

    Thanks GF, will be back later today, crazy week.

    Real quick through –

    Bought some 39s from Vernon and 38s ecoins, the 38s were not even close to Vernon’s, so he’s my man going forward.

    Understand your frustration now with JMB, received various privy’ s and they were not handled with much care. Surprisingly I’ve had good luck receiving unblemished coins from Provident lately.

    Fat boy was back early week, ~5,300 available and then gone within 18 hours. You still have me thinking about one of those mini-monsters, kicking myself for missing in at $21.20.

    I may go to the CCAC on the 15th just for the experience, have any questions to ask just let me know.

  5. GoldFishin says

    So, to answer your question from the previous thread…I really don’t have an opinion on the 2017 HR Liberty at this point in time…I don’t think it being a part of a series really means all that much….there have been different PT series(mixed results)…the FS series(mostly losers) and I guess you could say that even the Buffalo is a series. The best performers of any series meet my 4D criteria….low mintage or surprise sellouts perform the best if the design is the same such as the Buffalo series.
    I really liked the Reverse in the 1st HR Gold, but the Obverse doesn’t flow or match the Reverse and comes across as contrived and cartoonish IMHO. A better design will be critical for the 2017. You remember I bought 3 of the 2015 HR’s and all had rim damage. I bought 3 hoping to get lucky with a potential PL coin….at the time of course we didn’t know if there would be any, but I predicted that we would. The folks that received those were the real winners and I think that any premium in the future for OGP coins will be because of the PL coins, not the design or the “must have” factor.

  6. GoldFishin says

    @CCAC- I really don’t have any questions that they want to hear. Ask them IF they are supporting Trump? 🙂 But, I would love to hear about your experience. Ask them if they really believe that the Modern Liberty Obverse pairs well with the Classic Eagle Reverse? And maybe also wouldn’t they love to see some designs created specifically for a proof finish on a 5 oz planchet? Like maybe the moon landing anniversary? I am sure you would ask better questions that I could…

    On a side note my son and his girlfriend were in NYC Times Square the last two days. They took some great Pics of themselves in front of the Nasdaq market site just for me. They turned out great!! They spent some of their time at the Nintendo store and the NHL store(my son played hockey and she is from NJ by way of Boston and loves hockey), among some other stores and I think they said they were eating lunch at the Shake Shack. They are both in college and on a budget, so they planned out their trip to the last detail. The trip to the city was a early birthday present from my son to his girlfriend. I have never seen a pair so meant for each other…I hope it works out in the long run. My wife and I like her a lot!!

  7. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    GF – I appreciate the GLD/Technical Analysis input from February; I came back from London with the sinus funk and it took well over a week to get my head screwed on straight afterwards. I’m in the process now of buckleling down and get cracking my homework. I want to be able to provide some contribution of the conversation, if anything to return the favor.

    I used to do a lot of fundamental analysis back in my mid-twenties. I bought heavily into the oil integrators and equipment/servicers back in ’98 when oil was around $13/bbl and was able to latch onto Qualcomm for the ride up, did real well during that. Lost most of it in 2000, and took subsequent beatings in ’04 & ’07/’08, and then just lost interest. Feeling much more wiser now in perceiving risk and having more of a contrarian perspective, I’m ready to get back into the game, albeit more paced than in the past.

    I’ve spent a lot of time over thinking these coins, doing the analysis, and lost of a time in the process (though it has been fun). I post a lot of what I do in an attempt to help others out or at least to think through these offerings or trends. Though in all honesty, there’s just hasn’t been much thought or discussion.., though mention religion, politics, or the absurd and out of the wood work they come. For that reason, I would just maintain a close hold on your rules for developing Winners, it’s yours, self derived, anyway. I don’t want to sound selfish though of the growing opinion that most the analysis/stats that Cag and I may post probably just serves lurkers or had-core flippers (there’s a tonne of them out there).

    Speaking of Winners, I would anticipated some errors associated with the ASE 30th Anny inscriptions.., that could be a real good play if it materializes. The mintages across PRF & UNC will be so high, I guess it’ll be luck of the draw where they may land, though something with the ASE’s or Tributes may pop.

    I’m sitting on some sealed ’15 Buffs and thought a lot about what you shared regarding NGC, and for that reason I’m going to start up with them again. It appears from a quick look that I did this morning that I could do much better with the off load than leaving them sealed. So with that, well see how it works out. I do appreciate you sharing your insight as it helps a lot and has already saved me a lot of money, I’d like to send you some HR silver medals, a gold Merc, or a box of fishing lures to say “Thanks” – I do respect your privacy so if there’s a way to make that happen, let me know, I would like to do something. Or if your son upon leaving college wants to work defense or aerospace, I may be able to open desirable doors. It’s all good…

    Anyway, sounds like he has him a good one.., they’re rare these days.., very much modern mint Winners! You all must be relieved.., if mom likes her, that’s a really good tale, tale sign!

    Have a great weekend! I’m going to bust out some perfect in every way PCGS graded 69 gold Kennedy tomorrow morning to put back into OGP to sell as a 7 coin set to help recoup some $, we’ll see if a loss-leader will work out…, fun fun.

  8. KCSO says

    Oh, and ironic that you mention the Buff above.., in the ’16 product schedule, there is a break in the product codes following the Buff, which happens to be its 10th Anny..,

    The mint avoids the letter ‘I’ in their PC nomenclature, though if you click on sort, at the top of the schedule you’ll see where the breaks are for surprise releases.

    May want to have that CC with a full comlement of available funds at the ready, I’m hopefully that we’ll see something really unique that will overload the base financially and lead to a low mintage something, like in ’08.

    Jeppson will be at Whitman signing COAs for the Buff release, I sure hope we get more than that for the Buff

  9. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- I get far more information from yourself and Cag than you ever get from me. You did good with the Buffalos, but I wouldn’t let too much grass grow under their feet just in case the mintage is even lower this year. I think you will do well with NGC, IF I were you I would try to get a label that is most like the Early Release Buffalo Labels. I would get the Buffalo Label. They sell closer to Early Release prices than the generic brown label does, recent sales have them almost the same as ER.
    I have been trying to get a deal on a 2013 Reverse Proof ER for about a year now. I think in the long run it will be a good one to own. But, I am not in a big hurry for one until I get my cheapskate price. Plus, my major bucks will be spent on the Tributes this year. I may try to get enough to flip a few graded ones if the mintages are low enough.
    I like owning things at reduced prices or for free If I can.
    I have another post coming later about my son’s degree, but I have to ask him the name of his undergraduate degree. I know it was Cloud Architecture, but he upgraded to something to do with systems security. I will let you know and would love to hear your thoughts about it. He seems to think that he is going to do very well with his degree.
    Good luck with the herd!!

  10. Keep Calm & Stack On says

    2015 vs 2016 Flipability –

    2015 offered a lot of convenient opportunities for good flips with the C&C, MoD, APE & sudden Buff sell out.., while I’m not more than a micro bay seller I’ve put some thought in to where the opportunities may be for 2016 and see a much more challenging year ahead.

    There’s still A LOT about 2016 we do not know and I think that’s the result of the flak and embarrassment the mint has taken over gold JFK/BHoF releases as well as the quick sell outs of the C&C, NA C&C, & APE sets.

    Though preliminary thoughts are:

    – Ronnie C&C mintage will be too high
    – NA C&C may not have a wow factor with high product limit
    – APE above 6,000 likely, below 5,000 then it’s Game On; though the ’15 stand to gain with a higher ’16 mintage
    – 16EK – could be the Palladium Proof – if so, that could get real interesting with the big honking Merc design being released the same year as the gold Tribute Merc – that could heat things up a bit and I’d be in all over that.
    – IF TR P’s first run < 16-17k – there's an opp; the mint might just drop the ball here
    – Could see a PL variant on the Silver Liberty Medal depending of the finish coming out of S; or it might just be a Proof with an Unc W.

    Cag and I are of the opinion that for the mint to make their high sales goal, the first release must be a sell out and quick to build momentum into the follow on more expensive releases. That's why in part I would like to see Merc languish and kinda of flop 'cause the WLH in IMO is the prize and I'm hoping that it will be released very late in the year and buyer fatigue will have set in. If I could only buy 5 of the tributes, all 5 would be the WLH.

    We're thinking 65,000-70,000 will sell out the Merc out quickly, albeit with a HHL of 2-5, and result in a nice premium. Though if mint to demand and at a price point of $175; I could easily see 5,000 to 10,000 collectors buying at least 10 each, so that alone puts sells at 50,000 to 100,000 on day one; heck the Merc could go 150,000 to 200,000 in record time depending on the holds placed on dealers, I'm using first day sales of JFK and HR as the basis.

    Any thoughts on the magic mintage range may be make Merc a long term winner (or worth a short-term flip) ?

    I suspect a BO status in the first 2-3 hours would help tremendously as well. Looking at the '09 Fractionals, the $170-$185 Merc could become a $500-$600 coin real quick.

    Sometimes I think that with mintage limits that are not very favorable, then MTD may be better to curtail enthusiasm.., I don't really care what a gold WLH may resell at in Jan or June of 2017.., though I certainly care a lot what potential might exist come 2018-19 and on.., the UHR needs a rival! 🙂

  11. GoldFishin says

    I think the mintage of the Mercury needs to be no higher than 65-75K. I would like to see it even lower…..the real question is….how many will they have ready to go on day one. A scenario like the BBHOF unc gold, when all the early supply was sold out and went to backorder status would make it easy pickings for ER/FS coins on the bay.
    I like the WL also, though not as extensive as my mercury collection, I do have about a dozen or so in high grade or in nice BU condition in capsules. It is probably my favorite 20th century design when you take both Obv and Rev into consideration.
    I believe the Mint is likely to overproduce each and every one of the tributes, but you never know. Since these are supposed to be pressed in an unc. finish…I think the other question is….will there be PL examples in each category? My guess is more than likely.

    So, to make a long point shorter….I think the key to each tribute will be the mintage and how many they have ready to go of each on day one? It is very difficult to win the lottery and get a PL coin, so the key to owning these at a low cost is being able to flip a few to pay for the ones you keep. Then you don’t have to worry about their long term prospects. The designs will carry demand for decades to come, but will they carry a significant premium totally depends on the mintage, how quick they sell out, and the future of the hobby in general.
    I try not to set my goals too high….if I can own nice designs for bullion cost or less I am happy. The PM content is really what I am after anyway and owning something numismatic that the government would have difficulty seizing without total blow back.
    Back to “Superman” I guess in the fall for more….

  12. KCSO says

    Well, whether your son’s degree is in cloud architecture/security, cyber system security, or open source system development, he’ll do very well.., it’s the mega growth opportunity with IT, as well as a driving force before B2B and national security, and warfare.

    When I was making my transition 2 years ago, I really wish I had known something about cyber other than how to spell it as the field, and really good management positions is wide open.

    I hope you’re paying for his college degree.., it’ll be nice leverage when dad is in retirement, son is banking six figures.., and a new retro classic gold coin comes out 😉

    It’s March, he may want to start looking NOW, for summer internship programs. Seriously consider CIA, NSA, NRO among any Cloud service provider or equipment manufacturer leveraging the cloud OS – Good luck!

  13. KCSO says

    Quick question here, trying to gauge collector behavior/preferences.

    When you sold your MoD sets, did you do so as a 3 coin set, or sell the dimes individually? And what achieved a higher profit margin for you? I assume all BINs?

    I did not buy into the MoD though it looked like a nice set, it obviously was a very smart move on your part.

    Also I’m curious on your thoughts, the Gold and silver BHoFs have stagnated in a range near issue in OGP, some premium if FS 70.., do you fore see this remaining par for the course and them just adjusting to spot for the foreseeable future. Anything that may break them loose, or just a standard Comm pattern going forward?

    I really screwed up in not unloading in May/June ’14, albeit it was my first attempt at flipping, it has been a hard lesson. We’re two years now into the release and just looking for a second opinion as to whether to cut bait or not…

    For my 69’s gold’s, I was just thinking of putting back into OGP and launching smart auctions of 10 days with visibility over two weekends ending at noon on a week day, or Thursday night around 9:30 pm


  14. KCSO says

    Oh, and you might find it of interest that last night I broke out 3 gold JFKs and an UHR MS69 that could grade PL and went over them with 30x under various light – flawless, and good center strikes. I’m sending them in too, we’ll see what comes back.., so frustrating in dealing with PCGS when you receive a dealer coin that’s graded by them and it’s absolutely crap

  15. GoldFishin says

    @KCSO- I sold 2 MOD sets quickly to get my money back when sets were selling for around $320 I think. I sold off my 69’s individually and got good money for the RP’s that didn’t grade 70. All BIN, but I sold the 69 proof dimes at a good price for the buyer, just to get my money and grading fees back. I sold 2 or 3 RP 70’s individually because you could get more for them than selling them as a set. So, in summary, I just sold them however I could get the best money, but I wasn’t asking top dollar, I came like $5 under other sellers early to get all my investment back. Then, I was more patient with the individual RP70’s because I could be. They MOD sets grade did really well….and if not for Dusty or The Phelps(can’t remember) I probably wouldn’t have bought them at all. I literally decided the last day. Did you check out “Superman” last fall? Check it out…. 😉

  16. GoldFishin says

    Ha! I paid for his first year of “Nursing” believe it or not….he was thinking about being a Nurse Anesthetist….Is that spelled right? anyway, he didn’t like it and didn’t fully apply himself so that was the end for me. He has borrowed money for the rest, but he has stayed at home all along so his debt is not all that bad. I plan on paying for it when he is finished, but I haven’t told him that yet. I tried to get him in IT from the very beginning, that’s where his talent is and he is a wiz with programs and graphics, etc. and he enjoys it. Yea, he keeps telling me over 100K when he is employable and he told that the security gig paid even more than cloud architecture. He has a data entry part time job and works part time at the local skating rink since he was 15 or 16. He had a full time data entry job at the state university two summers ago. Everyone that he has ever worked with him really likes him, but the state job wasn’t challenging for him, however it was his first full time gig. Now, with the steady girlfriend, I expect his decisions will revolve around her. She is working on a Biology degree of some sort, with a minor emphasis on something related. She is thinking about being a veterinarian I think. They will graduate about the same time next year. He has one class that he can only take next spring and that will finish him up. SO, he should start looking seriously for something soon. But, as you can tell by my lack of info that I have learned to just let him do his thing. It wasn’t always that way and it started to affect our relationship and my health, so I just pray and wait for things to work out at the right time. I really appreciate your insight and offer to help, you don’t know how much….and I will stay in contact about his progress and probably continue to pick your brain about some things. Thanks so much!

  17. KCSO says

    No worries, I never had a mentor and had to pave some very challenging paths.., knowing what I know now.., here’s an equation to consider….

    Summer Intership = Break even perhaps

    Summer Internship = ’09 UHR MS 70 PL

    The more widely known the name or agency.., the bigger the golden admission ticket

  18. KCSO says

    I think I get your drift, I seem to be spending more time gazing north at the starry skies now days

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