2016 Australian Proof Set Celebrates Anniversary of Decimal Currency

210414_M_Packaging of the 2016SMALL

The Royal Australian Mint has issued its 2016 6-Coin Proof Year Set, which celebrates the 50 anniversary of the year the country discontinued a system emulating the British pound, shilling, and pence model in favor of its current decimal currency. The collection costs $90.91 AUD and has a mintage limited to 50,000 sets.

Six denominations are included. They are 5 cents;

210414_M_Obverse of the FIVE BOTH

10 cents (obverse image not available);

210414_T_Reverse of the Ten Cent SMALLer

20 cents;

210414_M_Obverse of the Twenty Cent BOTH

50 cents;

210414_M_Obverse of the Fifty Cent CoinBOTH

1 dollar;

210414_M_Obverse of the One Dollar BOTH

and 2 dollars.

210414_M_Obverse of the Two DollarBOTH

The obverses all feature Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the inscriptions ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA 2016, and FIFTY YEARS. You can view each coin’s composition and dimensions on the chart below.

Denomination 5c 10c 20c 50c $1 $2
Metal Cu Ni Cu Ni Cu Ni Cu Ni Al Br Al Br
Mass 2.83g 5.65g 11.30g 15.55g 9.00g 6.60g
Diameter 19.41mm 23.60mm 28.52mm 31.51mm 25.00mm 20.50mm

The Mint notes that they have sold out of available inventory for this item and are awaiting new stock, which is expected to begin shipping on or after December 16. For more information on the Royal Australian Mint’s 2016 6-Coin Proof Year Set, please visit its Web site.

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