More October Releases from the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint has launched its October releases, and as usual they make for an interesting blend of the playful, the innovative, and the classic. In addition to the 2016 Five Blessings 1 oz. Silver Bullion Coin and the Christmas 2015 1 oz. Silver Star Shaped Coin, October brings us a new Australian Map Shaped Coin featuring the Redback spider, several new Year of the Monkey releases in gold and silver, and more issues in the Australian Koala, Wedge-tailed Eagle, and Kangaroo series’.

aussieBox1 aussieShaped1

The 2015 Redback Spider 1 oz. Silver Coin is the eight release in the Australian Map Shaped Coin Series. It is composed of silver that is 99.9% pure, with mintage limit of 6,000 pieces, and a price tag of $109.00 AUD.

The reverse design features an Australian species of venomous spider known as the Redback, with color illustrations vivifying the artist’s depiction of the spider’s appearance and its habitat. Inscribed on this side of the coin are REDBACK SPIDER, 1 oz 999 SILVER, the Perth Mint’s “P” mintmark, and the 2015 year of issue. Ing Ing Jong served as the designer.



Next up is the 2015 Australian Koala 5 oz. Silver Proof High Relief Coin. This coin measures 50.60 mm in diameter, 12.5 mm thick, and has a mintage limited to 5,000 pieces. It retails for $485.00 AUD and carries an denomination of 8 dollars.

The reverse of the coin features a koala looking out from a eucalyptus tree, with the inscriptions AUSTRALIAN KOALA, 2015, 5 oz 999 SILVER, and the Mint’s “P” mintmark placed along the rim. Ing Ing Jong served as the designer.

eagle box1


The 2015 Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 1 oz. Platinum Proof Coin is the only platinum coin issued this month and carries a denomination of 100 dollars. Its low mintage of 500 coins coincides well with its somewhat daunting cost of $2,699.00 AUD.

The reverse, designed by John M. Mercanti, features a Wedge-tailed eagle about to alight on a tree-branch. Inscribed along the rim are AUSTRALIAN WEDGE-TAILED EAGLE, 2015, 1 oz. 9995 PLATINUM, and the Mint’s “P” mintmark.



The 2016 Year of the Monkey Gold Proof Coloured Coins come in three sizes and denominations. The smallest is the 1/10 oz. gold coin, which carries a denomination of 15 dollars, costs $299.00 AUD, and has a mintage limit of 5,000 units. The 1/4 oz. gold coin carries a denomination of 25 dollars, costs $699.00, and has also been capped at 5,000. The largest and most valuable coin is the 1 oz. issue, which carries a denomination of 100 dollars, costs $2,699.00, and a has a mintage limit of 3,000.

The reverse was designed by Ing Ing Jong and features a color image of a monkey sitting in a peach tree, which symbolizes immortality and longevity. Inscribed around the image are YEAR OF THE MONKEY, the Mint’s “P” mintmark, and the Chinese character for “monkey.”



The 2016 Year of the Monkey Silver Proof Coloured Coins are composed of silver that is 99.9% pure and are available in two sizes: 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. The 1/2 oz. coin carries a denomination of 50 cents and costs $65.00. The 1 oz. coin carries a denomination of 1 dollar and is available for $99.00. The mintage limit for each coin is set at 10,000 pieces.

The reverse, designed by Ing Ing Jong, features an adult monkey and a baby monkey perched on a peach-tree branch. Inscribed around the image are YEAR OF THE MONKEY, the Chinese Character for “monkey,” and the Mint’s “P” mintmark.



The 2016 Year of the Monkey 1 oz. Silver Typeset Collection features four coins composed of silver that is 99.9% pure, each with a different finish. The Proof coin has a frosted design with a mirror-like table; the monkeys of the Gilded coin are highlighted in 24-carat gold; the colored coin enhances the figures with realistic coloring; and the bullion coin features of a shiny design on a frosted table.

The set costs $359.00 and has an issue limit of 1,500.

kangaCase1 kangaBoth1

Finally, the 2015 Australian Kangaroo 2 oz. Gold Proof High Relief Coin is available for $5,099.00, with a mintage limited to just 250 pieces. It carries a monetary denomination of 200 dollars, measuring 36.60 in diameter and 6 mm thick.

The reverse, designed by Wade Robinson, features a kangaroo leaping across the foreground, with the moon rising over the horizon. Inscribed along the rim are Australian Kangaroo, 2015, 2 oz. 9999 Gold, and the Mint’s “P” mintmark. A press release points out that “each coin’s high relief reverse and obverse are minted on concave surfaces to ensure the optimum flow of metal is achieved by the strike of the die.”

All of the these coins feature Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, and the coins’ respective monetary denominations inscribed along the rim.

For more information on these and other releases from the Perth Mint, please visit its Web site.

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