Bank of Poland Releases Honeybee Silver Proof Coin


The National Bank of Poland has released the latest issue in its “Animals of the World” series, a silver Proof coin featuring a honeybee. It is composed of silver that is 92.5% pure and has a mintage limit of 35,000 pieces.

Each coin measures 38.61 mm in diameter and weighs 28.28 grams. A description on the Mint’s Web site points out that “although (honeybees) are mainly associated with the production of wax and honey, environmentalists point out that 30% of food production and 90% of  fruit harvest depends on the pollination by these tireless insects.”


The coin’s reverse was designed by Grzegorz Pfeifer and features an image of a honeybee flying near a flower. Inscribed along the rim is PSZCZOŁA MIODNA, Polish for “honeybee,” and the species’ Latin name, Apis mellifera.


The obverse of the coin was designed by Ewa Tyc-Karpińska, and bears a coat of arms that stands as the national emblem of the Republic of Poland. On either side of the eagle’s feet are the two parts of the Polish flag. Inscribed around the image is RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA, or “Republic of Poland,” 2015, and the coin’s face value of 20 ZŁ.

Distribution of the coin is limited outside of Poland. Secondary market purveyors are offering the issue on sites such as eBay for around $50-$80 USD. For more information on the “Animals of the World”- Honeybee Silver Proof Coin, please visit the Web Site of the National Bank of Poland.

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