Perth Mint Releases Gold and Silver Coins Honoring Elizabeth II’s “Longest Reign”


Queen Elizabeth II is about to reach a major milestone. On September 9, she will become the longest reigning monarch in Britain’s history, breaking Queen Victoria’s record of over 63 years and 7 months on the throne.

Mints around the world, from the Royal Mint in the U.K. to the Royal Australian Mint, are releasing commemorative coins to mark the occasion and Australia’s Perth Mint is no exception. On September 9, the Perth Mint will release three coins celebrating the queen’s longevity: a 1/4 oz. Gold Proof Coin, a 1 oz. Silver Intaglio Coin, and a 2 oz. Gold Proof Coin. All have low mintages and are unlikely to be available for long.



The 1/4 oz. gold Proof coin is the smallest in size, at 20.60 mm in diameter. It’s made of 99.99% pure gold, has a maximum mintage of 1,000, and costs $695 AUD (plus $63.19 GST). It’s reverse bears the Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth II with an image of St. Edward’s Crown above. Curving along the rim of the design are the inscriptions H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH II, LONGEST REIGNING MONARCH, the Perth Mint’s “P” mintmark, and ¼ OZ. 9999 GOLD.



The 1 oz. silver intaglio coin‘s reverse features a version of Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Elizabeth II, circled by Tudor roses. The image was sculpted using an intaglio technique, which fashions the design by engraving, carving, and cutting into the surface of the coin. Surrounding this are the inscriptions H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH II, LONGEST REIGNING MONARCH, 1 OZ. 999 SILVER, and the mint’s “P” mintmark. The silver intaglio coin costs $99 AUD (plus $9 GST), stretches 32.6 mm in diameter, and has a maximum mintage of 5,000.



The largest, most valuable, and scarcest of the bunch is the 2 oz. gold Proof coin, which costs $5,150 AUD (plus $468.18 GST) and has a mintage limit of 350. Measuring 41.1 mm in diameter with a denomination of $200, the 2 oz. coin bears the same reverse as the 1/4 oz. coin, except that its depiction of St. Edward’s Crown contains an actual handset aquamarine gemstone.

The obverses are the same for all of the coins, with Ian Rank-Broadley’s image of Queen Elizabeth II circled by the inscriptions ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA 2015, and the monetary denomination.

For more information on the H.M. Queen Elizabeth II – Longest Reigning Monarch releases, visit the Perth Mint’s Web site.

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  1. hw says

    Perth Mint has the Gold Proof version at $3,284 USD before exchange fees. That seems pretty reasonable considering mintage and current gold prices. Compared to 2 US Gold Proof Buffalos it is about $300 more. I picked one up since I collect the Queen Elizabeth releases anyway.

  2. ONDI says

    Just received the silver Intaglio coin and I have to say it is a pretty amazing piece. The level of detail achieved with the engraving is quite amazing. I can recommend it to anyone whom is unsure but interested.

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