New Canadian “$100 for $100” Coin Features Cougar


The Royal Canadian Mint has released the latest in its “$100 for $100” silver coin series, in which 1 oz. coins made of 99.99% fine silver are made available for their face value of $100. The newest coin is titled “Cougar” and is the first in the series to be dated 2016. It has a mintage limit of 50,000 coins and an order limit of three per household.


The coin is made of 99.99% fine silver with a matte Proof finish, a diameter of 40 mm, and a weight of 31.83 g. The coin’s reverse, designed by Claudio D’Angelo, features an image of a cougar leaping toward the observer from a mountainside rising above the tree line. The obverse bears Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II used on Canadian coins since 2002.


The Royal Canadian Mint’s popular face value program offers collector coins for prices identical to their respective face values, including “$20 for $20” and “$50 for $50” issues. The previous “$100 for $100” release, the Muskox coin, has sold 83% of its 45,000-unit mintage, according the mint’s product page for the item.

$100 for $100 silver coins carry a theme of “Wildlife in Motion.” The Cougar coin is the sixth release overall in the series, which launched in 2013.


For more information on the $100 for $100 Fine Silver Coin Program, visit the Web page of the Royal Canadian Mint.

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