Mint of Finland to Issue 30th Anniversary European Flag Coin


On July 23rd, the Mint of Finland will begin advance sales of a commemorative 2 Euro coin issued in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the European Union flag.

The coin’s obverse features Greek artist Georgios Stamatopoulos’s image of the EU flag, its twelve stars “morphing” into twelve human forms that symbolize unity among the citizens of Europe. “Suomi Finland 1985-2015” occupies the edge of the “gold” interior (mostly made of nickel brass), stating the name of the country of issue in both Finnish and English beside the anniversary dates. The outer “silver” ring (consisting of copper nickel) presents the twelve stars of the flag circling the overall design. The reverse retains the common “map of Europe” design common to 2 Euro coins.


The winning design for the coin was chosen in a public “web-vote” from a total of sixty-two entries submitted by European mints. Although the design has been widely circulated and will grace €2  coins in nineteen Euro minting countries, the Finnish coin provides an early glimpse of the minted pieces.


Adopted on Jun 29, 1985, the flag of the European Union symbolizes unity among EU nations. It is worth noting that the number of stars on the EU flag has nothing to do with the number of countries counted among the organization’s members. According to the EU’s official website, the flag’s twelve stars “stand for the ideals of unity, solidarity, and harmony among the peoples of Europe.” For more information on Finland’s issue of the commemorative European Union flag coin, visit the Mint of Finland online.

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